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Tamra Judge: I Knew Somebody Wasn’t Telling the Truth

"It was wrong for me to jump to conclusions and say he sounds controlling, and I apologize."

By Tamra Judge
It's Bringing Up Memories for Shannon Beador

I thought it was time for Shannon to get back on the saddle. She had not dated since the divorce, and it was time for her to move on, have some fun, and realize she can find love again. Like Kelly says, “The best way to get over someone is to get under someone new.”  

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I thought it would be less stressful for Shannon to use a matchmaker knowing each guy had been interviewed and selected. How nice that would be! Let’s face it, the older you get, the harder it is to meet people. So I called a matchmaker, and you will soon see how that works out.  

Let’s get one thing straight! Emily is the one telling everyone Shane threw Gina out, not me! Emily texted me the morning after the poker party and told me that Shane kicked Gina out of the house for being extremely loud and dropping F-bombs while her kids were sleeping, making it seem like Gina caused a big scene after we all left. So at lunch when Shannon asked how the rest of the night went, I made the comment about Gina getting thrown out by Shane.  

Emily told Kelly and Shannon the whole story of Gina being thrown out and how Gina was very apologetic and even offered to apologize to Shane, which I thought was pretty damn nice of Gina and the right thing to do according to what Emily was accusing her of. The next day when I went to Gina‘s house, she told me that Kelly had called and asked her what had happened and that she heard from Emily that Shane kicked her out. I had not said anything to Gina about it!   

Gina was upset that Emily was telling people and asked me what was said. So I told her! 

Gina told me she did absolutely nothing wrong. There was no yelling or screaming, and she was halfway out the doors when Shane started yelling at her. Gina told me that Emily said to her, “Don’t worry, my husband is a dick." I asked Gina if she apologized to Shane and Gina said, “I never offered to apologize to Shane.” That is a lie that Emily made up! I knew somebody wasn’t telling the truth. That’s why I asked Gina at Tanners after Emily left.  

You could see Emily was using her attorney skills on the car ride with Gina. Saying how “Shane threw everyone out”  and trying to make Gina feel like she wasn’t singled out. I think Emily was embarrassed by her husband‘s behavior and was put in an awkward position. Come on! What man yells at a woman for being “loud” at a poker party where shots of alcohol are being served?  I’m pretty sure we all “appeared to be drunken and used foul language,” Shane. 

After watching the episode, you can see everyone is confused! Emily has told us so many confusing stories, and no one has officially met Shane. I’m not saying Shane is a bad guy. It was wrong for me to jump to conclusions and say he sounds controlling, and I apologize. That’s just my opinion! But first impressions are everything and after hearing Gina’s experience, we all jumped to conclusions. Next week I get to meet Shane, and you bet I have few questions for him.  

I would like to thank everybody that has reached out to Eddie and myself about Eddie’s heart condition. We definitely feel the love.

Eddie is unfortunately still in persistent A-fib and has had six heart procedures, including two cardiac ablations and four cardio versions. 

He’s working closely with an amazing doctor out of Texas, and we are hopeful that he can get this under control soon. 





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