Gavin Smiley: Rockstar

Gavin Smiley: Rockstar

Gavin Smiley gives an update on his music.

By Kara Keough


After a few attempts at getting in touch with Gavin Smiley (he has a hilarious voicemail message involving Christopher Walken), we finally got him on the phone and asked him a few questions. We're pretty impressed with Gavin. He plays a ton of instruments, learned everything by ear, and is an all-around nice guy. We haven't seen a whole lot of you this season, Gavin. What have you been up to?
Gavin: I know. I've been writing a lot of music. I've been working with Jo a little bit. Not as much as before, but she's still bugging me to write her a song. Won G and Bob call you out in the living room as talented. What was that like?
Gavin: It was kind of unreal, actually. It was very sudden. I didn't know who they were. I was just told that Bob was coming over, and my dad dropped some names about who he's produced in the past. But I knew they were going to be focused on what Jo was doing. But it was really cool. It was the first time it ever happened to me. We've been hearing a lot about your MySpace page, actually.
Gavin: Oh yeah. All I have on there right now is a live recording from a solo concert I had here at my school, last week. But I'm in the process of recording a couple of covers of songs. And as soon as I finish those, they'll go right up there. It's a good way for people to hear things. We hear a lot of "those kids in Orange County are awfully spoiled..." What's your take on that?
Gavin: Well, it kinda depends. In my case, I would say — I'm not going to say I'm not spoiled. My dad hooked me up with the whole mirophone and recording software. For the most part, I try to buy everythiung with my own money. My dad doesn't lend me a whole lot. At the same time, I'm not going to say that about the rest of Coto. There are, yeah, a few spoiled ones. And maybe the majority. But I wouldn't say that they're spoiled "brats." Kara Keough said that, actually, "I know I'm spoiled, but I'm not rotten."
Gavin: Exactly. And she's not at all. She gets perceived that way, but when you know her, you know she's actually really great. Do you all go to the same high school?
Gavin: Mostly. Kara goes here. Colton now goes here. Josh used to. Lindsey used to, but I think she's home-schooled. Are you dating anyone?
Gavin: I am, yes. Her name is Taylor. Gavin, please keep us posted as to what you're doing. We're big fans of yours.
Gavin: Well, thanks. Thanks for calling.

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