A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

Jeana Keough describes her typical day.

I've gotten some questions about what a "typical day" is for me, when I realized that it probably all starts even before I get up. From what Kara tells me the morning starts like this: Mo watches her get ready, and then the second after he is done going to the bathroom outside, he races past her, darts upstairs where he wakes up my dogs and me at 6:15. And there my morning begins. I make Colton breakfast, Kara is already long gone by the time I am downstairs (she has 6:40 class). I take Colton to school and of course I bring my crazy dogs with me. Travis sits on the headrest of the back seat and is the King of the Car.

I shower, get ready, meet clients for coffee, etc. I work on my computer, show houses, and stop by the office a couple times a day. At about noon Shane joins the fun, as he is just getting up. He has a few more weeks 'til spring training, so he is working out for three or four hours a day. I pick up Colton at 5, if Kara hasn't already picked him up, and we make dinner. Kara does homework, Colton listens to music and shoots baskets, and Shane relaxes. Vicki and I talk about four or five times a day, and then we go to drinks later. She's so much fun. And then I head off to bed and start all over...


It's adorable watching Kara and Steven in this episode. They are two very committed kids. Steven is committed to school, baseball, his family, his friends, and to Kara. They spend every weekend together when Kara goes to see his games. They are approaching four years together so he is practically part of the family. He is so well mannered; his mother did a terrific job. Kara and Steven are a good match; they are good for each other.

There is this party in this episode where Kara takes on her friends for drinking. Kara, we knew from a very young age, is extremely precocious and a terrific negotiator. Kara has really become a very hands-on friend and really tries to keep her friends on the right path. In this day there are so many bad role models and we are proud she sets such a good example to her friends and her younger brother.


Oh, and then the cooking class. I love cooking and bringing people together at barbeques so its probably good that I know know how to put a decent meal together. My family is probably thankful. It was so much fun! I love being with Vicki, Chef Dominico, and Barbara Parker -- they're so wild and crazy!

Other than that, things keep moving steadily along. Kara got her grades back, she's sad she got a B in Statistics... but I am happy she got a 4.4 GPA. Colton started high school baseball and it's kicking his butt; he's working out like a madman. Shane has been hanging around the house and working out -- getting fit for the spring. Matt and Kara are on "baseball mode," listening to Steven's away games on the radio and rooting for him.

Vicki, Kara, and I went to a Muscular Dystrophy charity event in Newport Beach last night. Other than that we have just been keeping busy but staying out of trouble.

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