A Whirlwind Week...and that Word

A Whirlwind Week...and that Word

Jeana Keough recaps the OC season premiere party.


This week has been crazy. Of course, the show was filmed a while ago, and there are some things that the viewers at home don't really know. It's mostly stuff happening to the kids. Kara had a huge spider bite that ended up being infected. It took several doctors to finally get to the bottom of it, but that gave us all a scare. Colton got robbed at school, lost his new Diesel jeans, his cell phone and his wallet. Someone actually stole his sports bag while he was playing basketball, so he's not a happy camper. And to top it off, on Friday Colton broke his nose. It's bad, but he does look sort of cute with his raccoon eyes. It's more serious than that, of course, we're looking at his probably having surgery on Thursday. Say your prayers.



The opening night party was great, friends, family, fans, co-workers, network execs. We even had Troy Murphy (formerly of the Golden State Warriors, now traded to the Pacers). That was great. Kara, Shane, and Colton all piled into a 26 person limo (Bravo on the TV), and made their way over. The kids had 10 friends each at this party, so it was wild. Kara had a beautiful dress, and the boys were terribly handsome, of course.

Producer Scott Dunlop and his beautiful wife Gail held center court and were being congratulated by all on another great season opening. Lauri looked stunning in a Roberto Cavalli dress. Slade had all the women circling the room to get a word in with him. Jo had a posse of stunning women at her table. Vicki had the head of media relations with the OC Sheriff's at her table, Jim Amarillo. It should help when we zip around Coto. The food was amazing, Ten Asian is the best. Kara, by the way, was happy to report no dogs can be sold on eBay. (Darn.)

I'm excited that the audience gets to meet Tammy in this episode. Tammy and I met when the kids had class together, Kara and Lindsey have been friends since preschool. Tammy and I are like sisters, and when her house flooded, she stayed with us and even taught me how to cook (she's amazing). I was sad to see her move out! I know there's been some comments about Shane and Colton this week. They're tight. Shane is at the age of "I know everything" and Colton is still listening.


When the kids were little, our neighbor used to come over and rave about how fast Colton was and what a great athlete he was going to be. And then, almost immediately, we would see Colton tearing across the golf course with Shane chasing behind. Our neighbor was quick to add that Colton would be a great athlete — if he survived childhood. They have always had a very competitive relationship. But they are very proud of each other. Colton never missed a basketball game of Shane's and he always video taped them so the two of them could critique them later


I know that there are people upset about the names Shane and Colton call each other. Bravo should have edited that word, it is a horrible word and they call each other lots of horrible names as they are chasing each other. I have always had lots of friends and co-workers who are men that prefer the company of other men. Growing up in Orange County, the boys haven't had as much exposure. It's pretty limited to what they see on TV. I will have a discussion with them about there use of profanity and slurs. I guess Bravo editing wasn't very forgiving. Had I known that word would make it on air, I personally would have objected. It's all a learning curve.


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