Grand Finale

Grand Finale

Jeana Keough breaks down the second season finale of Real Housewives of OC.


In this episode, you get to see Shane shopping for a suit. It does raise the question about what he'd be doing if baseball were out of the question. Shane would go to college. He has a four year scholarship from the A's thanks to some negotiating by his attorney, Dan Grinsby. Dan was also Matt's attorney and he and his wife set Matt and me up on our first date. If it wasn't for baseball, Shane has mentioned in the past he thinks he would have a knack for real estate. I think he's right. But he might have to work on his people skills if it came down to that.


It's funny to hear myself talk about my "Midwest upbringing" — my father impressed on us early that lying and not being considerate of other people is wrong. I watched him take care of 300 women who worked for him and the whole neighborhood. My father is a saint, even now with no vision, he is still an inspiration to me.

I was upset that Slade would be late to the party. We were holding dinner for him. And he brought a distraction. I adore Slade, but that was wrong, that was for drama, and I am over drama. That was for ratings, as was the horrible fight with Taylor (at the OC Angel photo shoot). When I saw Taylor's face I knew she didn't know that girl was going to be there.


I am upset with Lou for trying to stir things up. And I'm upset with the producers who knew it was coming. Actually the only people who didn't seem to know about it were Taylor and Kara. A fight like that wouldn't just happen to have a camera on at the precise moment. I am thankful the girl didn't hurt Taylor. Kara is checking the mail everyday. Poor girl is at such a stressful point in her life! College is all she talks about now; this is what she has worked for. Colton is trying to keep his grades up but he mainly just wants to play sports...typical 14-year-old boy. Shane is leaving for Spring Training any day now! He is still working things out with the ball club. The dogs are well, the kids are busy, and my life is crazy!

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