On Houses and Necklaces

On Houses and Necklaces

Jeana Keough explains why she's not a Lake Havasu fan, and reveals a big perk of being a reality star.

Life goes on here in the Keough household. Shane's been working out like crazy (trying to get in shape for spring training), Kara and Colton have been studying for finals, and the dogs have been driving me nuts. I tell Kara every day I want to get rid of Mo, but she really loves that little dog.


In this episode, we get to see Kara studying for the SATs. I want her to go to UCLA so she can be close enough to come home in case of an emergency, but I think she should also be far enough away to get a real life experience: dorm life, cafeteria food, sharing a bathroom. All the good stuff.
People have asked me where I got the idea to buy a house for each of my children. That idea actually came from Uncle Richie's mother. When she died, each child received a house. I know of parents who, instead of paying for their child's expensive wedding, choose to buy a house for their child — or at least put in a large down payment. I'm a realtor so this is my way of securing a future for my kids. I think it's wiser to purchase the houses now instead of in six years when inflation will make houses unaffordable to young adults.


There are some great scenes of Vicki at Lake Havasu in this episode. She has always been generous with her offers to go to Havasu, and when I say "it's not my thing," I mean that I cannot afford to miss work and leave my dogs and house unattended. With three kids, and their packed schedules, it's hard to get away. We never have the same days free. They look like they have a lot of fun there. I seem to be getting slack for "rubbing in Tammy's face" the $15,000 dollar necklace.


In the first place, there are perks to working on a reality show. One of them is Barbra Parkers Jewelers in Ladera Ranch. She lets us borrow the most amazing pieces to wear. It is good publicity for her — we're in the public eye and we are constantly being asked about something we wore in the show. All of us borrow the most amazing pieces and yes, from time to time we buy the ones we can't part with. That beautiful piece was borrowed and I was just getting Tammy's opinion on it.
Tammy's flood was three years ago, and that particular day, I had just finished spending a 1/2-day in Pasadena testifying for her. I would never say or do anything to hurt her feelings or make her feel bad. Tammy doesn't care about material things. Her life is Ryley — he is her jewel and her life revolves around him. Both Tammy and Duff work hard to make sure Ryley is happy. I see a lot of separations and I am proud of my friend for the way she is handling this most difficult change in her life.

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