Short And Sweet

Short And Sweet

Jeana Keough shares some relationship advice with fellow OC star, Jo De La Rosa.


It's sort of a light episode for me, focusing more on the other ladies. But I did get to hang out with Jo and give her some advice. I give Jo advice whenever she asks; she's young and wants to succeed. I met her a while ago at a fundraiser. I met Slade that same night, and I thought he would be perfect for the show. They're fun and I like them a lot.

I guess the advice I give her is that every relationship involves give and take. For my own relationship, I certainly give a lot more than I take. I'm not complaining, but sometimes I do feel like I'm taking on the world.


I know a lot of people are going to ask questions about my opinion of the fact that Jo and Shane are pretty flirty. I think they really are just friends. But what 18 year old boy wouldn't be flattered by attention from a beautiful woman like Jo? And I think his age flatters her a little as well.

There's a moment in this episode where Vicki and I make a pact not to sleep with each other's husbands. I really like Vicki, she's easy to laugh with. We met through the show at the finale filming episode and we have been close ever since. Vicki and I are a lot alike: we both have great kids, a successful career, and lots of personality. We both lived in the Midwest and I think that is the reason for our similar values. She's such an amazing woman.

Other than that, we're busy as usual. Colton's starting baseball and he is really excited to play with his friends. Shane is drinking egg-white protein shakes everyday trying to get fit for spring training; I don't how he drinks that stuff!

Kara has finally returned back from the caves of her room after a week of finals; she is still waiting to hear back on her final grades.

Kara, Colton, and Shane went to winter formal this past weekend. They called themselves the "Keough Trio". Shane went with one of Kara's best friends, Kara went with Steven, and Colton went with a classmate. They looked beautiful all dressed up and I am excited to get the pictures back.

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