Spring Catch-up

Spring Catch-up

Jeana Keough sheds light on being a Real Housewife "in distress."


So far Kara has been accepted to the Honors program at UC Santa Barbara and NYU! Also, she's been accepted to UC Long Beach. We are waiting for UCLA and USC with crossed fingers, her first choices and possibly Pepperdine. Shane is back in the AZ and a happy camper, had his physicals and has been practicing with the team, Matt is there also and they have the cutest condo owned by a long time family friend in the heart of Scottsdale. Colton has been having a very fun freshmen baseball season, he leads the team in Home runs and stolen bases.


Vicki and I have had some strange adventures involving 3 squad cars and a helicopter after we had a near collision with a drunk driver and I decided to call 911. Needless to say the local response from a Real Housewife in distress was overkill and Vicki and I laughed for hours over the poor 21 year old's face, he had to feel he was punked.

Oh! And the first season of Real Housewives is coming out on DVD! It was an incredible time for all of us, but everyone looks so different!

Happy Spring to all!

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