Things I Need to Clear Up

Things I Need to Clear Up

Jeana Keough apologizes for her son's dirty mouth!


OK, I'm guessing there are some things I need to clear up. First and foremost, I am absolutely mortified that my son acted the way he did. Obviously most people believe I allow this behavior in my house but I do not. And I could really care less if these people think I am a horrible mother because my twenty-year-old son has a rotten mouth.


Growing up, all three of my children had their mouths washed out with soap (Grandma Keough's technique), and I am sad to say that this doesn't always work. Shane grew up and soared past me in height and size, he soon realized there wasn't much I could do to get him to be nice. After he moved out and got a taste of the real world, Shane's attitude got better. Shane is 95% a great kid. He has a professional career, he's drug-free, he works out, he is organized, and he is a responsible adult. He resents the cameras and does not mind putting on another persona when they are around. He understands what I am still learning — that the people who matter won't place judgment based on what they see on T.V.

Once he moved back in, due to the back injury, he quickly fell right back into the old habits — picking on his brother, raising his voice, and messing with the dogs. And Shane, just like any guy, gets a bit egotistical when his buddies are around. As for Shane's comments towards Tammy — he has always flirted with Tammy, and lately it has gotten worse. Tammy has allowed his comments to her in the past and has never called him out on the subject. Shane might have stepped over the line, but it's hard to know the line when it isn't clearly drawn. Shane saw Tammy's reaction to his words as pseudo-anger. Her reaction was never one of anger, or sadness, or even reproach. I heard Shane say this horrible thing to Tammy once, and I told him it was not appropriate. Obviously it didn't do the trick. Until I saw that episode, I was unaware he had said it again. Tammy never confronted me, nor did anyone else, so I saw no need to talk to Shane further on the subject.


And as for Lindsay (Miss Canada) — just because the cameras did not capture their nights out does not mean they didn't happen. She was obviously shy around the cameras, but once the crew was gone she was more talkative. I assure you Lindsay and Shane had a good time. They went to Disneyland with Kara and Steven for a double date. I appreciate everyone's concern for Shane and their tips on parenting, but I assure you ...when I want advice, I am not too proud to ask for it. My friends help me with my issues; I don't need words of wisdom from strangers who bash everything about my life (including my kids). Regarding the comments suggesting that Shane might be Autistic: What kind of person would say that? And for those of you that are sweet and supportive, I thank you. Your kind words get me from one day to the next.

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