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Thanks for the Advice

Jo De La Rosa divulges more about her relationship with Slade, from hot air balloons to the "ice cream incident."

Here's the odd thing about being on TV — people recognize you. That may sound obvious, but it's true. And a little weird. Flattering, but a little weird. I get lots of requests for autographed pictures. And I don't really keep pictures of myself around. I just don't. Who does? So when people ask me for an autographed picture, I think, "But I'm not a celebrity." I'm so confused by it. I'm just Jo. It's flattering, don't get me wrong, but again, a little weird.


In this episode, you get to see me out in LA with my friends. My perfect evening out is to grab all of my girlfriends, get all dressed up, hire a driver or get a limo, get all the girls in the car, and you go to Katana. I love getting sushi and drinks, ending up at Area, and then getting a table there for all of my friends. It's the perfect night.


Of course, there are always those consequences the next day. And so you get to see me coming home and apologizing to Slade. With cookies. Of course it doesn't turn out all that well. But the way that the episode was cut, it looks like I'm just being a cry baby. It shows that all of a sudden I start crying for no apparent reason, which seems really manipulative


Here's what happened: I had big plans to scoop vanilla ice cream onto the cookies. And when Slade found the ice cream, he accused me of only getting things that I like, rather than things that he likes. (Big vanilla ice cream fan....) He accused me of being selfish, when I was making an effort. And okay, so I didn't know you needed the other ingredients, but when it comes in a bag — I just assume it's one of those "just add water" bags of cookies. The point is, I was making an effort. And so I looked like an idiot. It was rough to watch, actually.



Then there's the hot air balloon ride, and Slade is making all of these jokes about pregnancy. And no kids now. No kids for Jo right now. I am certainly not ready because I still feel like a kid myself. I'm very busy trying to figure out how to raise myself. Nobody should ever let me babysit their kids. Let alone raise a kid of my own. No bueno.

People keep responding to my blog with advice. Which I kinda love. And it happens in real life. People want to give me their opinions about know, things they see on the show. I am flattered, honestly, that people care enough to take the time to come up and talk to me. It's weird to feel like I'm on a TV show. I'm just Jo from Mission Viejo. And when people come up to me, I'm definitely thrown off. But then they start going on this whole thing about what I should do. And they're truly genuinely concerned. It's nice and it's flattering that people care. I say thank you and at the end of the day, I'm going to make my own decisions, but without the fans the show wouldn't be what it is — so it's part of putting your life on TV — it comes with the territory. And I like it. It's fun.

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