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Kara Keough Speaks

Bravo talks with Kara Keough about college, the O.C. lifestyle, and her brothers.

By Kara Keough


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We caught up with Kara Keough yesterday afternoon. She fed us all the dirt on her the pets, the O.C. lifestyle, and her brothers. And then she had to go in a hurry...keep reading to find out why. Hey Kara, how are you?
I'm well, how are you? What is your take on the waffle webisode?
My little brat boyfriend forgot to do the one thing I told him not to forget to do. We make nachos, he makes good eggs, I make waffles, we like waffles, nachos, top ramen, the good stuff. The finer things in life. Where'd you meet him?
He and Shane used to play on a baseball team together; he's been a family friend for a long time. Our first date was at Angels' stadium. Our first kiss was under the Friday night fireworks at Angels' stadium. What do you think the most common misconception about the kids of Orange County?
That we're spoiled. I know I'm spoiled, but I'm not necessarily rotten. You know, yet. Basically, I think that's the misconception. That our parents still change our diapers when we're twenty. But I think we're more independent than kids in other places. Our parents aren't here as much to baby us. We certainly have our necessities taken care of, and then there are, yes, extra material parts. But it's not like we're ungrateful. We understand that they're out working hard to afford all these ridiculous habits we have. You're a senior in high school?
Yeah. I just finished all my applications. UCLA. USC. NYU. BU. Pepperdine. What do you want to study?
It really depends on what school I go to, what the strengths are of that school. But I hear I have the gift of gab, so ...I don't know, communications. And with all the sports in my family, I'd be a failure if I didn't become a sports agent or something. Even the girls are jocks in my family. I think I'm going to go and mix it up a bit. My Mom has her athlete, now she can have her student. Did you really call your mother a "dirty whore?"
Well, first of all I had no clue the cameras were there and my mom didn't tell me we were on speaker phone (WHOOPS!) but other than that it's hard to explain to other people about my mother and my relationship. We're really close and we never fight (we reserve that for the men in our lives) we're both hard-workers and extremely self-motivated. She is my best friend (cheesy, I know) but it's true. And I talk to her like I talk to my girlfriends. We call each other hookers and whores. It's a habit most girls my age need to break and by next week the sayings are gone and replaced with something else. It was a private joke meant only for our personal conversations and I regret having to explain such a horrible word to the world. It doesn't reflect my character accurately and I apologize if I offended anyone. You and your brother Colton seem very close.
My little angel. I've never been anything but perfect with Colton. We haven't fought since we were like teeny tiny. I think all of our anger was with Shane. We all used to just fight with Shane instead. Colton and I definitely got fast because Shane would chase us around the house and we had to be able to run away from him. But Colton was my partner in that. We would play together. I looked up to Shane because he was older than me, but Colton and I relate better on a personal level. In episode two, there's this fight between Colton and Shane....
Yeah, it's really not that bad unless Shane has friends over. The golf cart is a big source of conflict between the two of them. Shane and I fight over...I don't know...we're possessive. He has a TV in the room, but he wants to watch the Big TV but I'll be watching it, that kind of thing. They fight over the golfcart. Or if Colton takes speakers out of Shane's room while he's out of town. But Colton looks up to Shane a lot, so of course he's going to take his stuff.

I would like to go on record by the way, and offer a rebuttal to what Colton said last week, that nobody likes Mo. Shane tortures Mo. Mo is the sweetest dog ever. He doesn't bark unless he's provoked. He's always giving kisses. But I want to be clear that you can't be mean to my dog. And Shane is not to be trusted with animals. When he was nine, he threw a hamster against the wall because it bit him. (Here, things took an odd turn, as Shane came into the room.)

Kara: Wait. Shane, how old were you when you threw the hamster at the wall?

Shane:(in the background) Like, three. Who are you talking to?

Kara: A friend.

Shane: Which friend?

Kara: Ow!

There's some screaming, possibly some giggling, and then more screaming.

Kara: Ow! I have a painful zit on my chin and he totally just pushed on it. (Laughs.)

Not wanting to get in the way of a Keough family tussle, this is about where we exited.

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