Smelling the Roses

Smelling the Roses

Vicki Gunvalson shares why vacations strengthen her relationship with Donn.


Being on vacation is always a great time, and a European cruise will definitely help you to slow down. I would love to "slow down and smell the roses," as my mother would say. I am completely inspired to make changes in my life — however I don't see it happening for a few more years. I would love to one day sell my Coto home and have a home in Europe, California, and back in the Midwest. Life has completely swept me away again, but I am learning a lot about myself from doing this show and the changes I want to make in my life.


One of the things that people comment on lately is my work ethic. I got it from my father. He was an amazing role model, and wanted only the best for his family. I feel that in order to obtain the lifestyle I want, I need to contribute to it myself and not look for a handout from anyone else. I enjoy what I do for a living so it doesn't really feel like "hard work" at all. I think that is the success in life. Finding something you truly enjoy and them giving it your ALL. I had planned this trip for six months and ordered a stretch limo bus for our ride up to LAX which is over one hour long. I expected our trip to start our perfect with no stress. When I saw that small little minivan pull up, I actually thought it was a JOKE. When I found out it wasn't and they were contemplating sending it home, it made me very angry.


YES, I have always been direct, that again comes from being a "saleswoman." I usually don't give up if I know I am right. In this circumstance, I called the transportation company the night before indicating there would be six people and 12 large suitcases and to plan accordingly. They upset me because they did not do what they promised me.


It's nice that people get a chance to see my relationship with Donn. I have an amazingly supportive husband, and the best part of being married to Donn is he understands me and lets me be "me." We do our very best to fit time in for each other and to give each other the space we each need. I'm very high strung and somewhat controlling, and somehow he has accepted me and we have evolved into a great couple. It takes me a few days to "unwind" and that is why I think vacations are so important. It's something I know that I need to do to reconnect with my kids and my husband. They get to see me in a unstressed environment and watching me have fun. I look forward to vacations and going to our river house. It's when I love life the most! It helps Donn and I to realize how important we are to each other, because we have time to reconnect. At home...we don't get that time!

It's been great to get all the feedback. I have received a tremendous amount of email from fans wanting me to assist them in starting their own insurance agency. I also have received nice emails from fans saying "I look better this season." I take that as a compliment considering I am one year older. The most interesting comment I've gotten so far: One person asked me where I got my bedding and comforter set. I'm not telling...

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