Episode Three

Episode Three

Season 2 |
Aired: January 30, 2007

Jo has been partying in L.A. into the wee hours, and Slade isn't pleased. They take a trip to the wine country to try to reconnect, which starts off well until Slade starts teasing Jo about being pregnant.

Lauri is becoming a Republican because George is a big contributor to the Republican Party. She even buys a conservative black dress to go to a Republican fundraiser at the swanky St. Regis Hotel. Later, Lauri and her three kids have a "New Brady Bunch" dinner with George's four kids. One of George's daughters wonders aloud if Lauri is pregnant.

Jeana takes a tour of the houses she currently owns, charting her rise from Playboy Playmate to real estate mogul. She tries to instill in her daughter, Kara, the need to save her money and pressures her to go to a good "networking" university.

Tammy is still trying to navigate her way from being worth millions of dollars just ten years ago to losing it all, on top of being a single mother of three. As she tours her old estate, one of the biggest in the community, her younger daughter Lindsey is still troubled by the divorce and pines over the loss of her trust fund status.

Vicki returns from her two-week cruise and is concerned about Lauri, hoping she doesn't lose her independence to George. Meanwhile, Vicki ships Michael back to school and sends her daughter, Briana, to Chicago to visit her dad. With the nest empty, Vicki and Donn decide to visit their favorite getaway, Lake Havasu.

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