S2 - E2

Be Nice to the New Girl

As Jo gets used to her newfound financial independence, she also finds herself drawn to the much more lively Los Angeles, much to Slade's chagrin. Meanwhile, Lauri is enjoying her vacation with George in beautiful St. Tropez. Back in Orange County at Lauri's townhouse, however, things are less-than-perfect. Lauri's daughter Ashley is charged with keeping a handle on everything, and things quickly dissolve into a mess. In the Keough household, Shane's back injury keeps him home, and he is driving everyone up the wall--especially Colton. Tensions escalate until Shane and Colton nearly come to blows. Meanwhile, Jeana is busy trying to keep Colton focused on a tryout for an important baseball scout team. Tammy Knickerbocker moves to a rental house in the community with her daughter, Lindsey, and her son Ryley. As Tammy settles in, she tries to celebrate her birthday with a fancy dinner and a trip to Vegas with her two teenage daughters who create nothing but drama. Vicki drives her family, friends and co-workers insane as she preps for a relaxing two-week cruise to Europe. Her blood pressure reaches an all-time high as she tries to figure out how to let go of her business for two whole weeks.

Aired: 01/23/2007
TV-14 |