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Ashley On ... Everything!

Ashley Waring talks teenie bikini's and Cops!

By Kara Keough

What did you think when trying on the teenie bikinis? Did people give you a hard time about not wearing it when you guys went to Huntington Beach?
Ha! Well at first I was excited! I thought, "Oh yay! Me, Linds, and Christen get to go pick out new bikinis just in time for summer! Then to my surprise, we get there and our bosses are there! They are awesome and I love them, but I did not feel comfortable trying on bathing suits in front of them! I know how a bathing suit looks on me when I'm looking at myself in a mirror — why do I need to come out and show it off?! Its one thing being at the beach or a pool, but well you know what I mean! I don't even go bathing suit shopping with my dad! So, I finally get into the dressing room and start trying some suits on ... and, well,l what do you know ... I need small bottoms and let's just say a larger top! None fit! So sorry, but there was no way in hell that i was coming out of the dressing room with an itty bitty top on! I was blessed with a chest, but I'm more conservative with what I wear and I'm not the type to show it off!

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About working in Huntington...people can say whatever they want about me being "unprofessional" for not wearing a bathing suit while working. I feel like there are other ways for people to try our energy drink. If that's all we can do to bring people to liking OC Energy, well then we are not doing our jobs very well! I understand that sex sells, but I have a brain too, and I feel i can do so much more with that! So yeah, I got a hard time for it, but it doesn't bother me.

What was going through your mind when the cops kept showing up?
Ha — are we getting punk'd? Seriously where is Ashton!? Just kidding. But I mean Geez Louise, cut some cute girls a break already! People were asking us if we were filming for Cops! I was also pretty frustrated because there were conflicts with not having a permit for passing out our drinks ... and all that stuff should have been handled prior to the event! Oh, and our bosses totally told us to make that U-turn! Poor Christen ... she just had traffic school!

When the two owners announced that there would no longer be a Head Angel, did you see an opportunity?
Honestly, I have no interest in being "Head OC Girl" or whatever you want to call it! Christen does her job just fine! I have too much on my plate already!

Sophie went to go appear as bat girl for the Women's Softball Team — did you get a chance to see her?
Aw, I was so proud of her! She loves softball and those girls were so nice to her! I was sad I missed it! I had just gotten home from a trip and couldn't make it. But I recorded it on TV and watched it with her when she got back! She looked so freakin' cute!

I also wanted to thank the viewers for being so nice, so here's a little more on my life right now: I have recently been apartment shopping! I want total independence! But let me say, "WOW they are expensive!" So now I am looking for a "normal" roommate and a second job to help pay the bills. I need some extra cash flow right now until real estate takes off for me! And, yes, my goal for passing my test is still January! People seem glad to see me working towards something professional. Obviously everyone wants to be successful, but I want to be so much more than that.I want to be looked back on as being very innovative, very trusted and ethical, and ultimately making a BIG difference in the world. I have always been determined, just a little unsure of what I wanted to do! The show left out that I have in fact done two years of college (and no, not ONE class was ceramics.) I don't know where my mother came up with that one! School has never been for me. But this does not mean that I am uneducated! Look at Vicki. She never went to college, and she is building her own insurance empire. So to each his own, right?!

Whatever it is that I end up doing, I want to be financially independent. I never want to be the type who feels like I have to marry for money. I never want to be dependent on a man. Though marrying somebody with the drive and ambition to want to make a good life for his family would be wonderful! I have dreams of marrying a man that I am crazy head over heels in love with. Money or no money. I think I may need to work on finding a decent boyfriend first! Ha! There is so much more to a girl than her hair color, cup size, and reflection in a mirror. Sometimes girls are trained to think that's all they have. I admire the guy that comes along and proves them wrong ... a search for perfection ends only in disappointment. Don't be afraid to take a risk and look beneath the surface — lesson learned. Even though I sometimes joke around about my parents both being married both three times. I believe marriage to be something sacred, and I think too many people are jumping into it these days thinking divorce is just a few pieces of paper away from their previous "freedom." I hope to be married once ... and have as many good years with that ONE person as possible!

As of right now, yes, I am dating and having a blast! A girl can wait for the right man to come along, but in the meantime that still doesn't mean she can't have a wonderful time with all the wrong ones. One blogger wrote that "they have yet to hear me say anything negative or hurtful about the people around me...." Well here we go! Are you ready for this one?! Tee-hee. Just Kidding! No but seriously, thank you for noticing! I truly have a huge heart and share as much of it as I can. It is easy to get caught in the moment and say something mean when you are heated ... especially in the one-on-one interviews, but I remember that being mad at somebody is temporary, but hurting somebody's feelings can stay with them forever. I hear my mom saying things on the show like "Oh yea I love Sophie — she is my only child who hasn't disappointed me." (Well now she has four more for that!) It stings a little ... Sophie is 10 years old! Don't worry — I'm sure her time is coming. After all she isn't even a teen yet! Isn't that what being 13 is all about?! Ha.

I read my mom's blog about getting tattoos in South Beach. I know that my mother doesn't approve of them, but if I sat around waiting for approval of everything i did, I would have no life experiences. Life is all about the ride! And I am such a free spirit. At least Micky and I waited to be of age to get them! Yes, mine says "Believe." "What does Ashley even believe in?" Well, 1 Corinthians 13:7 "(Love) believes all things." Have you ever known the joy of someone believing in you, especially if the odds are against you? "I believe in you" is one of the most endearing things you can say to somebody who is hurting or feeling like a washout. I could have sat in Miami Ink and had Darren tattoo everything I believed in on my body, but then I would be covered in them. And I know how my mother just loves that!

On the show they haven't really touched on how I felt about Lou's passing. It was really hard to get through any interview without crying. That morning is one I will never forget. I lost a best friend that day. Lou was somebody that I genuinely looked up to and cared about. He always gave me the best advice and I went to him with every problem I had! If he didn't have an answer, he would make me laugh and forget about my problem. He was an all-around good person to be around, and he treated me as an equal. I am so thankful to have so many memories with him and to have worked with him. My heart goes out to Lindsey and Megan and Lindsey for they are much stronger than I would ever be. Healing takes time, and as we all grow stronger I am sure it will eventually get easier. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't find myself in a situation wondering what he would have done or wishing he was there with a guiding hand. I think this is why my heart is so attached to OC Energy. It was one of his last projects and I want to see it flourish because I know how proud he would be of his "Angels!" I miss you Lou ... you have truly changed my heart and my life forever.

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