Ashley On ... Lauri's Bridal Shower

Ashley On ... Lauri's Bridal Shower

Ashley Waring gives the details on her mom's lingerie-themed bridal shower!

By Kara Keough

Did you come up with the lingerie theme? Were you embarrassed seeing the gifts?
Well, my ideal party would have been a full blown bachelorette party ... lingerie, strippers, the whole shebang! But since I invited some of George and my mom's mutual friends I figured I would keep it appropriate and make it a nice little luncheon with some lingerie to spice it up a little! That's the only thing people could bring as presents! It was a lot of fun. I was a little embarrassed seeing my mom hold a few gifts, but it made me laugh more than anything else. The lingerie was fine, but some of the women got a little kinky, which was fine, but I was shocked because all in all my stripper idea would have worked out just fine!

How did it all come together?
It was beautiful! I reserved a lunch room at the St.Regis. I love the color yellow and thought it would be perfect for decor. I was stressing out a little about the cake because the company forgot to deliver it, but I ended up pulling a "Vicki" and got it there in time! Other than that I think everyone was very impressed that I pulled it off! The mimosas were, of course, a great idea. It made everyone loosen up a bit, mingle, and have a great time. I think I made my mama proud!

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