Like Mother, Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Just because her daughter is in showbiz, it doesn't make Jeana Keough a stage mom.

When Kara found out she wasn't getting the MGM movie role she was really disappointed — the laws in Canada made it difficult to hire her. She understood and I had been telling her all along that "nothing Is final until the contracts are signed." She always does really well in auditions and always gets a call back. Kara is mentally tough and being an athlete she understands the necessity of trying again, knowing that she did her best, and the intangibles of a director's vision. She is anxious to see the finished movie our friend and producer Patrick Hughes is producing. It's called Picture This with Ashley Tisdale and should be out in the summer. To console her she just stepped up her jogging, had a few friends over, and we went to Mexico with Vicki. Even though Kara has been acting since she was a little girl, I have never been a stage mother. Even on the set of Outbreak when she was five years old, my role was to stay in the background and make sure she was safe and happy and doing her homework with the on-set teacher. I have been in show business or around it for 25 years. It holds no mystery to me -- it is a business and the actors are a very small part of it. I never had ego, or a "her-trailer-is-bigger-than-mine" attitude. Acting is a very small part of Kara's life. I want her to experience college and the world around her before she decides her future.

My acting career was fun and exciting, and I met the neatest producers, directors, and actors. I did 10 movies, and appeared on 10 TV shows, and did hundreds of commercials. I had to quit when I met Matt because he moved to five different teams in other states. I loved Kara's director from Outbreak, Wolfgang Peterson. He was so interesting and creative. Kara really enjoyed Dustin Hoffman. He was so fun to be around; he and Cuba Gooding Jr. were so entertaining. Kara has had an amazing life so far, she has traveled and met judges, beauty pageant owners, restaurant owners, lawyers, writers, directors, designers, artists, and has had the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with them. She interviews people and has such interesting thoughts. I am really going to miss her when she moves out in a month!


In more recent news, Quinn, Tamara Knickerbocker, and I went to a fund-raiser for Nicole Brown Simpson at Charm Logan's beautiful house. We met Judith, Denise, and Tanya Brown (Nicole's mother and two sisters). They still have a foundation for abused women and continue to work to make sure that Nicole's memory is kept alive. Slade and I had a meeting so he came too. It's such great news about Jo's pilot, and Slade let us hear the new album and it rocks!


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