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Never A Dull Moment

Jeana Keough recounts her son's run-in with Orange County cops.

By Jeana Keough


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I was so frightened when Colton wanted to jump off the cliff. I had friends whose son was paralyzed from diving off a boat, so I was really upset. You never know if there are large rocks or tide changes or just a bad landing. This is so not like Colton I was shocked. He is the responsible one. He got an earful, that is for sure. Never a dull moment raising teenagers. Just this week, a party that Colton went to got a little loud and the neighbors called the police saying "boys were fighting, and then got dragged into the house." Of course the police have to be sure no one is hurt, so they knock on the door and no one wants to answer.


Colton is upstairs playing video games the other kids decide to turn off the lights and hide. The police start running the plates on the cars out front and I get a call from an officer I know saying my car is at a party and Colton must be inside. It is so shocking to get that call. You think someone is injured when they identify themselves as Police, I always think of Kara and Shane driving — and I was hyperventilating until he explained. They get on the bull horn and say "Colton Keough we know you are in therem please come to the front door." Great for the neighborhood and my reputation. But most people know and trust Colton, from sports. He has friends that get in trouble and he tries to steer them straight.

At midnight, he comes out and assures the officers everything is fine and they are welcome to go in. They go in and everyone is fine and all the parents get called to come pick up the kids because no parent is home and 2 of the 25 are drunk. I am glad Colton is respectful of officers and the difficult job they have, others were so stupid and disrespectful that there parents probably had to pick them up at the police station. I took as many as I could home, some parents didn't answer their phones. Never a dull moment.

Still, a lot to be thankful for. Have a great holiday everyone.

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