San Diego, Etc.

San Diego, Etc.

San Diego nightclubber Jeana Keough decides if she's ready to tackle the dating scene.

The US Grant in San Diego was the most beautiful hotel. We had the President's Suite and it was stunning — the food was amazing, the service extraordinary. The nightclub was fun and we all had the best time. It was very special to have us all together. It was very difficult for Tamra who has little kids and isn't used to being away from Simon over night. She was missing him!

Although we discussed it, I am too busy to think about playing the dating game. Honestly, I haven't even thought about it. I do not enjoy doing anything by myself. I always have people around. As far as the my argument in the limo with Vicki, I believe I just ignored her. It resolved itself — I had Frankie move out, and then she had an empty place until I released it.

Tamra and I are both realtors, but we don't compete with each other — we work together to sell houses. Other realtors aren't the enemy — they are respected friends in the same business who I want to do business with for a long time. My friends and social farm are very different from hers because she lives in another city and school district. She is fun to do business with, and I really enjoy her quirky personality. And of course I adore Simon. I need to see if he has a older brother for me and a younger brother for Quinn!

In other news, after the girls and I filmed Extra the other day, we all were on our way to lunch and the car in front of me slammed his brakes on to avoid a darting dog. Tammy and I rear-ended him and totaled my car. The airbags scared me to death with all the smoke in the car. The girls heard and all came back and circled around for support.

We had quite a show on the side of the road with Simon and all the Housewives — there was a lot of rubbernecking going on. Somehow my iPhone got run over, and it still worked , except the broken glass didn't feel too good! The Orange County Sheriff took great care of us, and we had a female officer who was beautiful. I am thinking of her for next year's new Housewife. A girl with a gun — gotta love it. If she doesn't like the editing, look out. We should be happy Vicki isn't packing with the editing this week. Oh my.

Shane was at Les Duex in LA this week — it is a very hot night club. I went there for the TV Guide party during the Emmys. Shane met up with Slade and his usual posse — I am sure they had a great time. Shane is home for the holidays. His new job at Guess during the off season has kept him in Arizona. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. We have Christmas crepes with Young and Sharon Hong every year and the children have to set goals. It is a fun day with great food.

I will be home Christmas Eve. Usually Tammy and I have a party. Happy Holidays everyone!

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