Oh, Billy!

Oh, Billy!

Quinn Fry talks about wine tasting and vacationing in Mexico with Billy.

I wanted to do something special for Billy's birthday, and so I gathered up his core friends for a celebration dinner. I'd met a few of them previously, and a few of us had already hung out together in Laguna Beach, at Wineworks and also at Billy's place. But I hadn't met some of Billy's friends before, so I was a little nervous. It's always a big step meeting the friends. Billy had already met some of mine just a few weeks before for dinner in Newport Beach. What I thought was so very funny was the way they acted when the cameras were running versus when they were turned off — what a hoot they were! His friends are great, and toward the end of the evening, everyone was telling old stories, golf jokes, and teasing Billy unmercifully! The four bottles of wine might have helped .... Billy and his good friend John even scheduled a trip down to Mexico for us to play golf at Bajamar for later on in the month. Can I just say: What a FUN trip that was!

I'd like to comment on Billy correcting my grammar. He always did it good-naturedly, and asked me once if it bothered me, and if it did then he would stop. I told him to go ahead, and yes, if I was saying it wrong, then I needed to learn the correct way. It's the "Billy and I" vs. the "Billy and Me" sentence structure that I tend to get wrong. I guess I just don't even think about it. Yes, I said it was annoying when he corrected my grammar, but he does know what he is talking about. He jokingly calls himself a "connoisseur of fine language" and can actually speak four languages fluently. He and his friends all take any chance they can to catch the other on a mistake and make a game out of it. If you aren't used to the game, it can be frustrating sometimes. Since I am a professional entertainment Internet manager, I am always willing to learn to sharpen my own speaking skills. In fact, I'm even considering enrolling at the local college in the fall.

Billy and I actually met at a quaint wine tasting/restaurant nearby called "Wineworks for Everyone" in Mission Viejo. The owner (Darrin) sat Billy and his friend John down next to me on my very first visit there, and Billy and I started talking right away. I found out later that Darrin did that on purpose to set us up ... the big sneak! Anyway, for six months Billy and I chatted via text, e-mail, phone, and then finally we met over a glass of wine before we really started earnestly dating. We had both felt that "spark" at our first meeting and we wanted to see if this was something special. "One never knows what serendipity will bring" Billy had said to me. Have you ever kissed someone and immediately felt so connected by just that kiss, that even talking about it, or trying to explain it, somehow lessened the moment? Well, that was how our kiss was ... unexplainable!

Early in any relationship it's hard to tell or guess the outcome. Usually after a date or two, I can tell if it's working out or not. Many times even within the first few minutes a person can tell. The only sure thing I knew from that first encounter at Wineworks was that there was a strong mutual attraction. Could we build on that? I had no idea, but I thought that it would be worth finding out. I was going to take that chance.

I don't let my son Colin meet just anyone that I happen to go on a date or two with. Colin has always been separated from my dating life, until we get to the point where I feel that the man is someone that I could have a future with. Then, of course, I would want them to meet. It's important for me to see if he likes kids, if he's patient, and kind, nice to Colin, etc .... It's also more important to see if Colin likes him. Colin has great intuition about people. He can read a bad person from a mile away and has no problem letting me know if he doesn't think a person is nice. I introduced Colin to Billy after I had known him for 9 or 10 months. Colin liked him and told me after we got back home from having sushi together.

I want to thank everyone for their comments on my blog, and just want to say that as far as me saying that I am Christian and not acting like one ... all I can say to that is, instead of judging me, pray for me. In fact, pray for all of us on the show. I am not a perfect person, and I know this better than anyone. Also glance over Matthew 7:1-5.

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