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Motherhood, Energy Drinks, Playboy

Tammy Knickerbocker reacts to her daughter's Playboy mansion visit.

By Tammy Knickerbocker


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I've been asked what advice I would give other mothers out there who are helping their children through a grieving process. Tough subject, I must say. My first motto in life is to try and look at the positive and good in everything, second: deal with it, and then third — hopefully live with it the best way that works for YOU, without always taking into account what you are "supposed" to do or what society expects you to do

I try to help my daughters through their grieving process by reminding them of all the good that their father taught them, all that he gave them, but more than anything I want them to know that their father loved them. I grew up without a father and it was extremely difficult, but I also knew my mother loved me no matter what happened and she was always there for me.

I want my girls to know that I am there for them and it is okay to take the time to mourn, and that they need to do so in order to heal. So the advice I would impart to other parents is too spend as much time with your children as possible. They may not want to talk about the situation much in the beginning, but they will express their feelings more as they are able to handle them. Don't push. Also, it is a really good time to bond with your children because during this time they need to know you love them and that you are there for them because mainly I think they are afraid of the unknown.

With their Dad gone, their future has become more uncertain — they don't know how they will survive and what to do next. Combined with an aching heart it all just becomes overwhelming. Reassuring them as much as possible would be my best advice. In regards to the OC Energy Company and drink, it really does not affect me in any way other than I am happy Lindsey has a job that she enjoys. It has provided her with many opportunities to meet interesting people, visit beautiful places, and learn about charities.

The company and the girls on this program have worked very hard. It is not all fun and games, it is hard work, but they try to have fun with it. Lindsey is an adult and the decisions she makes are hers and I support her 100%. She is a smart young adult finding her way in life. In her case, it just happens to be occurring in front of millions of people.

The girls do visit the Playboy mansion in this last episode. I have been to the mansion and it is not a big deal, (they probably wish it was, but it's not). You hear all this stuff about naked people running around and random people having sex. That is not true, or at least it wasn't when I was there. I would rather Lindsey just stay home every night and cook with Ryley and I, but that is not realistic and I accept that as a parent.

I did worry about her when she went to the mansion because you never know what will happen there (or anywhere for that matter). But I just have to let her be an adult and hope she has the tools needed to make the right decisions in a bad situation. The mansion is a beautiful place and they hold some of the major charity events there because the property is so massive and very unique. But like anything, you can also find something bad in anything if you look for it...

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