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Don't Knock The Botox

Tamra Barney thinks Botox is a Real Housewife's best friend.

By Tamra Judge


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Tammy invited me to a Botox party, and since I can't pass up a party, I accepted. Although I wasn't in the market for Botox just yet, it still sounded like fun ... and it was. After a few glasses of wine the doctor suggested I get Botox to get rid of my lines on the side of my nose. I always thought they were cute — my mom has them and so do my daughters. I think he called it the bunny rabbit nose? So I said what the heck — I will try anything once. Long story short it hurt like hell and it didn't do a thing. I don't think they are actually wrinkles, more like expression lines? So, don't try it girls!

Botox parties are big in the OC — I hear about them all the time. Some doctors will even come to your house if you get enough girls together. I have personally always gone to a doctor's office to have it done. Something about drinking and needles that doesn't mix. Before the show it was something that I didn't really talk about — I just did it. Now after a few episodes I'm starting to look like the poster child for Botox! Truth be told, I have it done twice a year and I love it.


There are so many misconceptions out there about Botox. I hear people say it distorts facial expressions, that it is toxic, it plumps your face, which is simply not true. Physicians started using Botox for treatment of a number of neurological disorders prior to using them to eliminate or reduce frown lines. In fact, the physicians discovered the cosmetic effects of Botox in the process.


Back to the Botox party: The doctor had this computer (not sure what it was called) that you could look at a digital image of what it would look like if you had facial work done. I thought it would be interesting to see what I would look like. Other then noticing my lipstick looking too dark that night, I didn't notice much difference between the before and after images. I was surprise when he suggested that I have a forehead lift. I know I am not 25 anymore but 40 is a little young for a forehead lift. I will continue with Botox as long as I can! I have said it before and I will say it again. Nothing says you're over 40 like big giant lips and skin pulled back so tight it is shiny. Facial surgery is not for me!

Let's talk about Quinn. It took Quinn a little while to fit into our group. I think when we first met her at Valentina's restaurant. We were a little shocked when she brought in a 25 year old. We thought it was all staged, maybe Jared wanted some camera time, is she is a fake? We were not sure what to think. That's why we had so many questions for her. I guess you can say we started off on a bad note? After spending time with Quinn I realized that she is a very nice woman. She is a single mom trying to find true love. I think she thought we were a little hard on her at first, which is understandable. Long story short, we all get along like sisters. We go to lunch and exchange e-mails. We are all unique in our own way, which makes it so much fun to share our experiences. I wish Quinn all the luck in finding HER GUY and I take back every sarcastic comment I made ... well, maybe not.

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. He just turned 22 and has been working at Fletcher Jones for about six months now. He's still picking parts and took on a second job working Sundays. Ryan moving out is a bittersweet subject since I love having him home. He moved out when he was 18 and having him back home three years later was like old times. You know how boys are — once they move out they forget about dear ole mom. I'm sure it was nice for him to take a couple months off work and take advantage of mom and dad. However, he is 22 years old, and now that he is back on his feet it is best that he live on his own. Ryan still has a lot of maturing to do, and I think that will only happen with life experience. I think it will take Ryan a little time to find his way in this world, but I'm not worried.

Simon only wants what is best for Ryan. He did get a little frustrated with Ryan's lack of motivation when he lived at the house. Simon is not the enemy like Ryan might think. It takes a loving man to do the things Simon does for Ryan. If Simon didn't care about Ryan he wouldn't take the time to teach him right from wrong. With that said, I was not surprised when Simon suggested helping Ryan out financially. We want Ryan to have a wonderful start in life, and as long as he is helping himself we have no problem helping him out. It was only temporary to help him get on his feet; it wasn't going to be forever!

I got a lot of comments about giving Ryan a hard time about his tattoos since I have one myself. I can speak from experience when I tell Ryan he will regret them. First of all I have one not 10 like Ryan. If Ryan had a couple I wouldn't mind at all. I don't hate tattoos — anything in moderation is fine with me. But when they start taking over your body that is another thing. I might be wrong, maybe he will love his tattoos till the day he dies.

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