My Surgery

My Surgery

Tamra Barney shares why it's crucial to pick the right plastic surgeon.



My decision to have breast implants in my early 20s was probably NOT one of my better decisions in life. The prior doctor talked me into implants that were way to large for my frame — the implants were wider then my rib cage. Which made it very hard to find clothes and bathing suits to fit right. After three pregnancies, nursing, and the weight of the implant, the internal pocket was too stretched out to support the implants. Imagine wearing a heavy backpack all day long that was too loose. I constantly used my shoulders and back to compensate, which lead to neck and back pain. Simon knew all the pain I was going through and supported me 100% in my decision. So, After having my last child, Sophia, I knew it was time to have the surgery. I consulted several plastic surgeons, and to my surprise they all had something different to say, which was totally confusing to me. I had heard so many horror stories, from lopsided breasts, severe scarring, uneven nipples, loss of sensation ....


After doing a lot of research I decided on Dr. Ambe in Newport Beach. With his background strongly influenced by both science and music, Dr. Ambe was drawn towards a field in medicine which allowed for a blend of creativity and artistry — plastic surgery. Dr. Ambe completed his undergraduate education, medical school, and seven years of intensive surgical training all in Southern California. After completing his plastic surgery surgical training at University of California, Irvine, Dr. Ambe followed through with additional fellowship training in aesthetic breast, facial, and body contouring surgery. He has had his own solo private practice in plastic surgery in Newport Beach since 1998, and has gained the reputation of being one of the premiere plastic surgeons in the country. With his artistic background and his reputation for operating with meticulous attention to detail, he has gained widespread attention. He is known for expertise in all aspects of cosmetic breast, cosmetic facial, and cosmetic body contouring surgery.

Dr. Ambe is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, California Society of Plastic Surgeons, and Orange County Society of Plastic Surgeons. Additionally, he has been an Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at U.C. Irvine since 1995, assisting in the teaching of plastic surgeons in training. In 2004 Dr. Ambe opened Newport Center Surgical, a 7,000 square foot fully accredited outpatient facility located in Newport Beach. Dr. Ambe acts as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the surgery center and is one of the founding partners.

My first instinct was to have the implant removed completely and have a lift. After talking to Dr. A I knew that would not be for me. So, I decided to have my larger implants removed, a breast lift, and very small implants put in for fullness.

It has been four months and the surgery was a success! The pain was minimal, the scaring is minor, and my neck and back pain is gone. I am so thrilled with my outcome, I just wish I would have had it done sooner. I'm sure there are a lot of woman out there in their 40s that have breast implants that they don't want anymore (kind of like the tattoo on my lower back — removal of that is next). I highly recommend removing them or replacing them with smaller implants. Do your research like I did, make sure your doctor is a board-certified plastic surgeon. If you would like more info on Dr. Ambe visit him at

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