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The Townhouse, Playboy, and Josh

Lauri Waring reacts after her son breaks the rules of their contract.

By Lauri Peterson


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In this episode, you see me deciding to put my townhouse on the market. This was a tough decision for me for a couple of reasons. First, this was such a milestone in my life. It was the first major purchase that I had made other than my car, since my divorce. I had made something happen that I had been told would be impossible. Buying my home was a big deal to me--a huge sense of accomplishment, so listing it for sale was difficult. Also, I knew that I would get grief from Ashley, but since there was only one occupant, it wasn't making financial sense to keep it. As the real estate market was softening, I knew it was my last chance for awhile to make money off of it and that I had only a short window of time in which to do so. Ashley is approaching her 23rd birthday and is capable of having her own place.


I am thankful that Ashley has had a job with the OC Energy Drink for over a year now. Ashley took Lou's death really hard and my heart goes out to Lindsay and Meagan. I think there is a lot of potential for the energy drink and it is a great product. My concerns are for the future of the drink as this was Lou's vision and without him, I question if it will continue. For now, everything has remained as it was and the girls are out there hitting the pavement trying to find more homes for their water. I've told Ashley to stay dedicated, but leave your options open. Just a few weeks before Ashley and McKenzie went to the Playboy Mansion for an event for Autism, Ashley and I had just been there for an Alzheimers Charity event. The charity events are nothing like Hef's annual parties such as Midsummer's Night or his Halloween party. The charity events at the mansion are no different than at any other venue, however his annual parties are pretty wild and most of the girls are wearing nothing more than body paint.

Since Ash and Mickey were just attending a charity, I knew they would be having innocent fun and meeting interesting people. Ashley is a strong girl and has her head on straight. She has matured a lot in the last year. I'm proud that she is getting her real estate license--she is turning into a business girl that knows how to have fun. Sounds familiar to me!


When I had to ask Josh to leave my townhouse because he had broken the rules of our contract, he was mad at me. He shocked me to the core when he agreed to moved in with George's ex-wife after being invited in. I have to believe that Josh's immaturity and frame of mind at the time was why he agreed. Josh was reacting to my discipline with resentment.

I do not hold him fully responsible due to his age, frame of mind, lack of wisdom and maturity. However, I do not feel the same towards the adults that used him in the process as a missile and weapon against me and George. This was truly inconceivable and, so far, unforgivable! It sickens me that there are people in this world that are willing to use children to hurt others. It is just wrong!

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