Competition, Cocktails, and Junk Food

Competition, Cocktails, and Junk Food

Vicki Gunvalson speaks candidly about her competitve drive.


I am very competitive in business and in my personal life. I think you are either born with that drive, or you're not. I do not choose to be this way, it is the way God designed me. Sometimes it is a battle for me to try not to be competitive, but deep down, it's what makes me happy. Actually, I love sales contests through my work, when I can actually see the goals I have to attain to get to the next level. It is a driving force in my soul that I can't help. When am I not competitive? When I am sleeping!

Getting together with the girls for drinks was a lot of fun. Jeana, Tammy, and I try to get together at least once a week. I love working hard all day, so taking time out to see my friends at least one night a week is a treat for me.


I did not like it when John came to my house and started throwing out my food. I wasn't prepared for it, or I would have straightened out the cabinets and the refrigerator. Donn loves his ice cream and snacks at night, and I think John Ellis thought I was eating junk food. I never eat processed or junk food — at least I haven't for at least 6 months now. I do not eat very much at all during the day — finding the time to work out is my challenge. If I didn't have to work so long every day, I would spend at least 2 hours at the gym. I love the way weight training makes me feel, and you can see the results on my body.

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