Home Is Where the Heart Is

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Vicki Gunvalson shares why she won't mix buisness with friendship.


I was very upset when I had gone over to the second home. I was told the house was kept in neat order and was looking like a model home. When I walked in and saw a lemonade stand in the hallway and clutter everywhere, I came unglued. I felt very "used" and taken advantage of. I was not happy! I know if a home is up for sale, every single room (including the garages) needs to be in order and neat!

In defense of Jeana: The cameras were on her and she didn't want to look upset and wanted to calm me down. She knows what a neat freak I am, and was trying to make me feel that it wasn't important so I wouldn't get upset.


Overall though I am fine with mixing business with friendship. I am Jeana's insurance agent and she is my realtor. There was a lot of financial stress on me at that time, and I don't think she felt it was as urgent to her to market/sell the house as it was to me.

On a happier note, I had an amazing time at Lauri's wedding shower. The room was so beautiful that they had it in, and she looked so happy.

It was great seeing Kimberly again. We talk a lot on the phone together because we are partners in a company called The Real OC Brand. Kimberly moved to Chicago, and when I go visit my family, I always try to sneak in a quick visit with Kimberly as well. I know she has really adjusted well to living there and is happy.

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