LeTip, Havasu, and Colton

LeTip, Havasu, and Colton

Vicki Gunvalson reflects on why she loves to vacation with her family in Havasu.


This episode shows a wide range of things that I love. First, there is LeTip. LeTip is a national organization of professionals who get together on a weekly basis at 7AM at the Coto Valley Country Club. The goal is to have a place to network our professions with each other. Most of our members are self employed and require networking to keep their business growing. I had tried to locate a chapter that did not have the "insurance" category filled yet, but could not.

I decided to form my own chapter about 6 months ago and it has grown to over 32 committed members. I am very proud of my members and we are continuing to grow our chapter with new members joining monthly. Visit our website at www.letipofcotodecaza.com. I am hosting our first annual Christmas Party at my home on 12/1 and am looking forward to a great time.


I highly recommend it if you are looking for a way to network within your own circle. You can always go to your chamber or commerce, look at www.Letip.com for a chapter in your area or form your own like I did!

So, what finally convinced Jeana to come along to Havasu? A lot of pressure from me (just kidding)! I think she was intrigued on why I like it there so much, she had a jet ski that had never been used and Colton really wanted to go. She finally agreed that "yes, it's a place to de-stress, to enjoy the family and friends without any of life's pressures that we all incur". I think she really ended up liking it!


I'm accused of being a "hitter" in this episode, because I get a little wild when I'm partying. I don't know if I want to be called a "hitter", but I do know how to have a good time. I love laughing and I find it's a great way to leave my worries behind. I'm usually full speed ahead in life, and when I "party", it masks the stress I feel everyday keeping everything going.

The scene when Colton jumps off the rock into the river really scared me. We always have a saying at the river "you never want to die having fun." It's just stupid to just randomly jump off a cliff without checking the water level or what is beneath the surface.


We had a 22 year old USC student that lives in our area who was paralyzed at the river due to a neck injury. There is NO way to get an injured person to a hospital in a timely matter when you are at the river. I don't like anyone to take risks with their life for the attention or for the fun of it. I am extremely serious and cautious about this. My kids were raised with this and it was hard to see him not listening to us.

Donn likes quiet and peace at the river. I, however, like as many people around me as I can have. I enjoy the commotion and lots of kids and their friends around. I don't know if Donn and I have found the "balance" yet, it is always a conflict between us when I see him slowing down and I am full speed ahead. Maybe it's the 9 years age difference that is catching up to us. I try and respect him on it, but sometimes it's harder than it should be.

Well, that's all for this week. Can't wait for next week and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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