S3 - E7

Moving Violations

Jeana, Vicki, Tammy and Tamra head down to the U.S. Grant Hotel in San Diego for some housewife hijinks. Newly single Jeana is back on the market and ready for anything. The ladies are in the lap of luxury, enjoying a presidential suite and the San Diego nightlife. A conflict between Jeana and Vicki comes to light and threatens their friendship. The OC Angels promote their energy drink at the US Open in Huntington Beach but bad driving, bad attitudes and bad luck threaten to ruin it all. Meanwhile, Tamra's real estate business is booming, while Lauri travels to Oklahoma with daughter, Sophie, to spend some time with the US Women's Softball Team. Quinn spends a less-than-romantic afternoon on the golf course with her boyfriend, Billy, and later attends his birthday party. She's a nervous wreck as she meets his friends for the first time and hopes to make a good impression. But the party leaves her wondering if Billy is really the guy for her.

Aired: 12/18/2007
TV-14 |