Apples are Now In Season

Apples are Now In Season

Bethenny Frankel blogs the OC season finale!

Well, the juice has been squeezed from this orange. For a finale, I found this rather dull. Jeana looked great, but she needs to brush off the dust for dating. Don't talk about exes on current dates. Don't start talking about where you want to live or the future. Be light and fresh and fun. Start torturing them later in life. Also Jeana, you are beautiful and fun and a great mother. By feeling negative about yourself and expressing doubt, it is a self- fulfilling prophecy to fail.

And by the way, I've made every mistake in the book: talking about exes, sleeping with someone too soon, over-texting etc. I've just been in the game longer.

Well, the juice has been squeezed from this orange.

Go Briana! It was so inspiring and evolved when she talked about breaking out and being her own woman. However, it isn't the right time to make a decision right after heartbreak. Let it breathe. If you don't know what to do, sit still. Don't react. Later you will be able to act.

As for Lynne, I'm glad she attempted to take a stand. Being strong is a process and takes time, but why did a brief conversation about gas money with her two daughters have the dramatic intensity of a Meryl Streep scene. Are these girls slow? Everything in that house seems to be in slow motion. I feel stoned just watching them speak. Light a fire under their asses. That was like watching paint dry in an insurance seminar.

Again, during that finale scene, Jeana looked hot. Gretchen really needs to give it a rest. It is so contrived, and word on the street is that she has had a boyfriend the entire time. Something is fishy. I am certain of that. Tamra is fun and so what if she likes to look at herself? She really isn't afraid to be herself.

Material items were the star of this episode. 2 platinum Rolexes, 1 hot pink Harley, 1 shiny Louis Vuitton, 1 diamond bracelet and a partridge in a pear tree.

The apples are now in season.

I don't think Vicki was trying to emasculate Donn with the "i bought the watch" comment. It came off that way, but I thought she was proud that she works hard and can do nice things for herself. She looked terrific at that party and I'm sure I wouldn't have run to ogle the bike either. I have some ice in my veins too. Gretchen is hot though. I have to give her that. She would just grate on my nerves.

What can I say? It was interesting to see the ex-wives and how replaceable the housewives can be. I think there were 9 there in total. Very interesting. I don't know who they could lose on my cast. Only time will tell.

Well, ladies, you brought it and it was fun. Now it's time for the tables to be turned on me. Go Vicki, Tamra and Jeana. You my girls.

The apples are now in season.

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