Friends or Enemies?

Friends or Enemies?

Are Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi enemies or besties? Tamra tries to decide.

Ok, are you as confused as I am? Are Gretchen and I friends or enemies? They are trying so hard to make it look like we hate each other but every other episode we are together laughing having fun. Hmmmm, it really makes you think. If it wasn't for those interviews it really would look like we liked each other? I invited Gretchen to my pool party because she has expressed to me she wants kids and the whole life style that goes with it, plus she is a lot of fun. Her dogs are the closest things to kids that she has so I said "Sure, bring them along." Once a month during the summer my friends and I try to get the kids together and have a party. It is always exciting for the kids and time for the adults to catch up. We all had a great day hanging out by the pool, eaing barbecued hot dogs and a bunch of junk food. You might of noticed Ricki? He is Ladera's gay househusband, he is a stay at home dad and has been with his partner 18 years and they have 2 kids together. (Well, not together — they had a surrogate.) They are the first same sex couple to have both fathers names on their kids birth certificates. He is an amazing dad and a great friend in our community.

Gretchen had mentioned that it is very hard for Jeana to keep a secret and Jeana will admit it herself. We often joke that if you want something printed in the OC Register then just tell Jeana. I tell her all the time that she should just blame it on "Mad Cow disease." For those of you that DON'T watch Boston Legal, Mad Cow is a term that William Shatner's character uses for his forgetful memory. It is impossible to get mad a Jeana because she has such a caring personality and really only means well. Things just kind of slip out of her mouth and she doesn't mean any harm. We all love mama Jeans and everyone in the world needs someone like her on their side.

Ryan showed up at the pool party. I don't remember if he knew about it or just popped in by chance. (We filmed this stuff so long ago.) I'm sure he was happy to see Gretchen there. There didn't seem to be any awkwardness between them when they saw each other, as Gretchen walked up to him and gave him a hug. Ryan was actually only there for about 30 minutes and took off. When I say "Ryan hits on everything that moves" I should clarify that. After Ryan's breakup with his girlfriend during the summer he swore off girlfriends for a while and started dating and dating and he is still dating. I prefer Ryan to be in a relationship because he seems to be more focused and more happy overall. Right now Ryan is in the hospital. He broke his foot in 4 places and is waiting to have surgery. He has a long road to recovery but he will do fine.

I could not go to L.A. with the girls because I had a migraine, anyone that gets migraines knows they are NO FUN. I love Fred Segal and wanted to go so badly. If I had to make my own fragrance I would probably chose a mixture of sassy, sexy, and with a splash of spice.

We have received an overwhelming amount of emails about the Tequila that was shown in last weeks episode. Please go to and email Simon directly.

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