No Stress

No Stress

She might be busy, but Vicki Gunvalson isn't stressed, and she doesn't hate Gretchen!

Briana was upset about our decision to purchase the yacht because it would mean we would have to sell our second home at river in Arizona. She has so many great memories at the river, but in reality she only visited once in the past year. My thought behind purchasing the yacht was that it would be a way to make new family memories. Also, the yacht would only be 20 minutes from our home, versus a 4.5-hour drive. I was thinking we could use the yacht more, versus letting the house sit there unused. Guess that didn't go over too well with her.

Briana says in her interview that I'm stressed, but I don't feel stressed at all and I definitely find time to unwind every day. This year I have grown my staff to five people and I have learned to delegate jobs to my employees, which has allowed me to be less stressed. I have made time to fit exercising into my daily routine now and I have made an attempt to be home from work no later than 6pm every day.

I don't have any problems coping with stress. The people around me I think are more stressed out that I am. My days are very full, that doesn't mean that they are stressful. There is a big difference between the two. I have a great life and wouldn't change it for anything. Bring it on!

The only thing I can do for Briana is to let her know that I love her and Donn loves her and Michael loves her. I can't take away the pain that she feels as an adult that she probably masked when she was a little girl. I am very upset and angry with Mike (her father) because he hasn't stepped up to the plate and been a father to her or Michael. It is wrong and I wish all the mothers and fathers in the world who have abandoned their children to know how hurtful it is for them — no matter what age they are.

I have a hard time letting new people into my life. I am extremely different from Jeana — she wants as many people around her as possible, despite whether they are toxic or not. As I have grown older, I have chosen to be around quality people who love me, support me and encourage me. When new people come into my life I put my guard up, because I have had some bad experiences with people I've become close with in the past. I've become close with people only to find out they've had ulterior motives and have either stolen from me or were untrustworthy.

I wasn't skeptical or weary of Gretchen when I first met her, I just didn't shave time with filming, work, and the kids so that I could put a lot of energy into making a new friend. Gretchen is really nice, and has fit in very well with the rest of us and we all get along great. There are no issues with her and I whatsoever.

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