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Personal, Professional, And Spiritual

Vicki Gunvalson shares her goals for the New Year, and explains what really when down at the Del Mar Racetrack.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a great New Year. Tamra and I took our families to Las Vegas for the New Year's Eve festivities and we had a great time. We brought Briana, Michael, Lauren (Mike's girlfriend), Ryan, Donn and Simon — now that's a party! We stayed at the Red Rock Casino and had a fabulous time. Thank you Stacy Staggs for all your work in making our time there so special.

As a new year approaches, so do my goals for my personal life, my spiritual life and my career. Being in sales, I start each New Year at 0, and have to start all over again in hopes that I can surpass my sales in 2008. Every year I get a little anxious and nervous as the pressure is on immediately.

Michael has graduated and has moved back home. He will be testing for his insurance license in February, and joining Coto Insurance ( soon thereafter. Briana is approaching her final semester of nursing school and will graduate in May. Wow, can't believe that in less than 6 months, both my kids will have finished college. What an accomplishment for both of them. I am such a proud mama.

This episode you will see the girls hat shopping for our Del Mar racetrack outing. I could not attend as I had client meetings all day that could not be changed. It does not bother me if I can't attend all of the social events they have, because work is my first priority. The other ladies don't have a business to run, so I don't know if they understand the responsibility and commitments that I have. I would hope they do, but it doesn't bother me if they don't. I do what I have to do for the success of my business and family.

I had just returned from an insurance convention the night before we went to Del Mar, so it was difficult for me to take another day off of work. I was somewhat distracted in the beginning as I had so much to tend to at my office that was left undone, but after we got there and saw the beautiful flowers and everyone dressed up, it was easier to relax. Tamra and I mean to purposefully set ourselves apart from the others at the racetrack — it's just how it happened to be. There were only seats for 4 people to a table, and Donn, Simon, Tamra and I just happened to sit together. We didn't mean for it to look any other way than that. We socialized with everyone, but the balcony that we were sitting on was very cramped for the amount of people we had.

When I mentioned that Jeana "operates her world differently than I do," it was because Jeana takes a different approach to raising her kids and managing her business. I am very organized with my desk and office, whereas it doesn't seem to bother Jeana if she has things filed. Jeana allows her kids to read her emails and work on her computer, whereas my kids know my office and my work are sacred and shouldn't be touched. It's just different, but doesn't mean mine is right or hers is wrong. We have agreed to disagree on this and love each other either way.

By the way, don't know if you've seen recent pictures of Jeana, but she looks fabulous. She has lost over 10 lbs. and is taking the weight loss supplement I am now endorsing. If you read Jeana's blog last week, she mentioned that I'm now the new spokesperson for Duzoxin. I could not be more excited about my new weight loss and I am proud to share my secret with any of you who are looking to lose weight! If you made yourself a New Year's resolution to lose a few pounds (or just need to lose the extra you put on over the holidays), take a look and try it for yourself. Check it out on

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