Real Relationships

Real Relationships

Real NYC Housewife Jill Zarin gives her take on the dramatic OC season so far!


I have to say I was a bit shocked seeing Slade this season. I met Gretchen and Slade last week in NYC. Gretchen is even more beautiful in person. Do I think they will be together forever? Doubt it. Gretchen wants to have four children and I just don't know if Slade could really have four more children. I wish them both the best and they seem very in love.

I am very sad that Jeana left the show. She was the mama bear. I feel like the mama bear on our show and it very felt very personal. I am happy Jeana has left the door open with Bravo and hope she reconsiders next season and returns. No one can EVER replace Jeana. I think it up to the viewers to show Jeana the love and tell Bravo you want her back! I think she is a great mom and good friend. I will miss you Jeana!

I think we have all gone through ups and downs with out girlfriends. You know a relationship is REAL after your first fight if you recover. I am rooting for the "home team" and pray Jeana and Vicki put aside the petty stuff and make up. They are both great moms with very different styles.

Since Jeana left the show, they introduced a new housewife this week - Alexis. She is everything I am not. That's not a bad thing, we are just very different and we married very different men. Her husband seems very controlling and condescending. Bobby would never say I was having "a blonde moment" on TV! Her husband is a tough guy and scares me.


Tamra is having a tough time. Money gives you freedom and lack of money gives you stress. There are many families in America who are feeling the Barney's "pain" and I hope it doesn't tear apart their marriage. I see the passive aggressive behavior Simon has toward Tamra and hope when he sees the show, he sees it too. Having a camera in your home is difficult when you aren't in a good mood!

Lynne looks amazing this season. It makes me want to go to the gym right now ... but I won't because I am LAZY! I see she wants to downsize and shared how difficult the last two years have been. How can they afford a face lift and nose job? If it was me, that would be LAST thing I would do! Are you thinking what I am thinking?

About La Perla - I hate when reality shows do these sexy parties. It is so degrading to women. Gross. Just gross. I don't blame Alexa's husband for asking her not to show off her body in that scene, but please, hypocrite? You let her show it in the pool. Did he forget? I say gross. Just gross.

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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