About That Sock...

About That Sock...

The ATL Housewife talks Jeana's goodbye, Tamra's competition, and the Slade sock incident!


Where do I even begin with these Orange County girls? I should probably say goodbye to Jeana from the "Housewife" family. While I didn’t get a chance to spend much time with her, she was always nice and cordial and I wish her the best in her future endeavors. I can ONLY imagine how she feels after FIVE years with "the bitches" ... her words, not mine!

It’s looking like Tamra is going to be the "mean girl" this go around. She’s got a lot of competition with Gretchen (who is cute and happy) and the new girl Alexis who has many of the things that Tamra wants. One thing Tamra has to know is that you can’t look at other people’s lives and start to pick apart what you have at home. You NEVER know what’s REALLY happening behind closed doors. Everything isn’t always what it seems.

I did see Slade and the "sock" and if that’s what he really has going on down there, I see how he’s managed to bag so many Housewives ... LMAO!

On the second episode, Lynne took her daughter to get a nose job consultation. While I’m all for beauty (you all know that), I’m not sure you want to encourage that at such a young age. It’s a hard call but it seems like Lynne is always commenting on how skinny and beautiful everybody is. Just live your life girl!

I’m really hoping this season will pick up ... it’s a bit of a snoozefest.

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