Vicki talks skydiving, her fallout with Jeana, and making her marriage work!


Welcome back for the first episode of season 5! I can't believe how time has flown by since we first started doing the show. You've seen my family, my business and my kids grow with many highs and lows.

This episode you saw me skydive for the first time. I have never had an urge or desire to jump out of a plane, but my daughter Briana had done it a few months prior and asked me to do it with her. She really thought I would like it because I'm somewhat of a daredevil. I actually was scared out of my life and can't actually believe I did it. The plane ride up was terrifying because they kept the side door open and I was sitting right next to it. When my tandem partner pushed me out, we ended up doing several flips in the air before I even realized what happened. As I said after we landed on the ground, another checkmark completed on the "Bucket List" of my life.

Donn and I had a really rough time being married last year. I think between the pressures of filming a show, lack of time together, the growth and success of Coto Insurance which took so much of my time, challenged us tremendously on our commitment. When we sat down and really discussed separating, we realized that it wasn't something either one of us wanted to do. We were both screaming for attention in our relationship without even saying a word. After filming stopped last year, we had time to reflect on what was really important in our lives and we realized it was each other. For any other couples who have gone thru struggles or miscommunication in their marriage, I am sure you can relate to what we were going through.

Jeana and I went through some problems this past year as well. She is very special to me, but have felt she has not always had my best interest in mind. Having her as a friend and our listing agent on one of our homes, was not a good idea. Donn did not want to commingle friendship and business any more with Jeana and therefore we thought it was best to find an outside realtor that did not have friendship at stake. There have been many times Jeana ridiculed me for working so much, and then she was the first one to come to me to borrow money to her. After discussing this with Donn, we both felt it was best not to get involved with personal loans to her as well. Jeana is a great person, I just realized I have to have limits with what I can share with her and what I can trust her with. I wish her the best and am hopeful we can maintain our friendship.


Our first get together at St. Regis I thought was going to be easy and fun. I had just returned from working a long day at my office and then had to get dressed to go to dinner to attend Lynne's cuff and dinner party. I was NOT expecting to get into a girl fight. I actually wanted to leave once it started, as it was very uncomfortable. Personally, I just have never gotten into situations with girls fighting and screaming like that until I appeared on this show. It's not something I'm comfortable with and hindsight I probably should have just left and let Tamra and Gretchen handle it with each other without anyone else present. Personally, I don’t think it's any of our business who Gretchen dates or what she does on her personal time. Now that Gretchen is dating Slade, she seems very happy so that's what's important - not what any of us think.

In a few weeks, the viewers will meet our newest member of The Real Housewives of OC, Alexis. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out with her on the show. Personally, I went in with open mind in hopes that we could have a nice smooth season together. Unfortunately, she came in with a different agenda and it didn't go as I had planned.

Hope you like this episode, there are many more to follow. I've been very busy since the last time I wrote so please check out my new book that is ready to distribute the second week of November. It's very exciting and hope you will like it. Visit: www.morethanahousewifebook.com or at www.vickigunvalson.com to purchase it.


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