Two Different Ideas

Two Different Ideas

Vicki reacts to finally seeing how the other 'wives reacted when she and Donn left Lynne's dinner party.

Welcome back, we are more than halfway through the season and I hope you are enjoying it. Well this week's episode the emotional crying starts with me. I tried very hard this season NOT to get involved with petty drama that didn't really have an effect on my life. I didn't socialize with many of the women this season, but unfortunately I got into a situation with Simon that I couldn't get out of which left me leaving the dinner party crying. At 47 years old, the last thing I want to do is leave a friend's home in tears. It's not fun especially when there are cameras in your face!

When Donn and I were invited to Lynn's housewarming party, I thought it would be a nice casual Sunday night dinner party and was looking forward to it. I never intended for anything to go down the way it did. I wasn't nervous about seeing Simon; I was actually hoping we would give each other a hug and put any harsh feelings away, but obviously that didn't happen.  Simon somehow wants to blame "someone" for his marriage problems and the only one he felt he could point his finger at was me. I know Tamra was torn between Simon and myself and that I'm sure was a difficult spot to be in. HOWEVER, once I saw the footage on what went down after Donn and I left was disgusting. I guess it teaches you even as an adult, to be careful when you walk out of a room what people are going to say about you. Never in a million years would I have guessed Tamra to be so rude and disrespectful to me and our friendship.  When she says she has my back, I'd hate to see her when she doesn't have it. Guess her idea and my idea of being friends are "two different ideas" … as Donn would say! 

Alexis ... hmmm to say she overreacted to Donn and I pretending to snore during her 15-minute ordeal of how she met Jim is an understatement. The way she acted was ridiculous and childish. We were just joking, and pretending we were snoring was only an attempt to get her to move her story along and speed it up. Her description of how she met Jim and what she was wearing and what drink she was drinking was ridiculous because she thought every last detail was important for us to hear. She definitely wants all eyes on her and to tell you the truth I can't do it anymore. The woman drives me crazy.

When Tamra tells the group at the table that "I'm lacking something and [I'm] a very jealous person" made me very sad. I think everyone can agree that we ALL are lacking something and no one is perfect so I don't know what she is referring to. The fact that she said I am a very jealous person is farthest from the truth. I am grateful for my family, for my life, and for my career, and am not jealous of anyone or anything! I wouldn't want to be in any of those people's lives and am completely happy with mine. She claims she is my friend? I would NEVER speak about her the way that she did about me. It was really sad to hear that come from her mouth when all I have ever done is support her and be a good friend to her.  

What the viewers didn't see is how Donn and I met which we did explain to everyone but it didn't make the editing block. Donn and I both worked at Wickes Lumber in Vernon Hills, IL back in the early 1980s. He was a lumber buyer and I was his secretary. I had only been married for a few months when we met, and I remember thinking "I married the wrong man." I was only 22 and he was 31. He stayed at Wickes for just a few months and then moved to California and we lost contact with each other (there was no Internet at the time). I ran into him nine years later at a local restaurant in Barrington, IL and he asked me if I was divorced yet. I couldn't believe it because I had already filed and was getting the divorced finalized within the next few weeks. He gave me his business card and told me to call him when we were finalized. I called him once it was finished and we dated for 2 1/2 years before he asked me to marry him. We were married 15 years ago in IL and moved to Southern California two weeks after we were married with the kids.

It was really nice to have Gretchen come to my office at Coto Insurance to show me her new makeup line that she was working on, and I thought it was great that she asked me for advice.  It was funny because she is the only one that has been by my office to see exactly where I spend most of my time. I thought her makeup line was really pretty, but I also cautioned her on putting too much money out on something that is so competitive without a solid business plan and financial backing in place. I've seen a lot of people lose a lot of money in startup companies like this. It's very risky when you compare it to all the makeup lines that are available online and in stores. When I asked her if Slade contributed to her finances, it was because I didn't understand how she was going to fund such an expensive project without having financial support from Slade or a business loan. It doesn't really add up to me.  Gretchen claims she didn't get any money when Jeff passed away, but then how does she support herself and Slade?  Something just doesn't add up.

I talk about this every week and will continue to do so until each and every one of you that are providing for your families, to be sure that you have a life insurance policy in force. There is a 100% chance you will die, you just don't know when. If you are the breadwinner and you passed away, what would happen to your family if you didn't have life insurance?  There are currently over 85 million Americans without coverage, so please do yourself and your family a favor and contact us for a free quote at Coto Insurance. Fill out your information on "Shopping for insurance," then click the dropdown for LIFE INSURANCE. It's less expensive than you think it is and it will give you peace of mind.  If you have life insurance and simply want a free review, just fill our your information as well and we'll be sure to compare coverage to what you have to the current rates.

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