A Shot at Love

A Shot at Love

Peggy discusses her relationships with Micah and Alexis.


I'm so happy to finally be a part of your household! I can't wait to hear what everyone thought about tonight's episode! I thought it was more interesting than the first one and not filled with squacky, petty arguments!

It was great to see Vicki in action with her company and really nice to see Briana finally making a work function! Vicki is a great mom, and you really see the nice relationship she has with Michael and Briana. I was dying laughing when Vicki was trying to play matchmaker! I love matchmaking and will probably be the same way with my girls! It is evident watching Vicki that she is in full force work mode while Don is in slow down mode, so that definitely must affect their relationship.

It was cute to see Gretchen and Slade going through their morning routine. But I don't know how he feels about her comment that he's her bitch. Even though she was being funny, I felt it was a little disrespectful and degrading to Slade.

I would have reacted the same way as Tamra when she looked at Eddie's old place where he lived with his ex wife. Weird. Good decision on her part to 86 that place! The workout and drink scene with Alexis was very interesting. They really are so different, but I agree with Tamra that Jim is a lot like Simon. My husband and I have both known Jim longer than Alexis has, and he is definitely someone that likes things his way. I am happy to see Tamra in a good place and in a happy relationship now!

In regards to Alexis and I, watching the episode made me frustrated at first because we were being typical mom's and catching up on what our kids have been doing and what milestones they have hit, but it looked like we were competing. That was not the case. After watching it however, I did realize that on our play date and throughout the show you will see that Alexis really does try to one up me a lot and continually make jabs at me. I thought it was funny that every time I made a comment about something my kids did, she would interject and say how her kid did it better or sooner. When I was asked in my interview why she was rude to me when I was excited to tell her I was now signing Capri to an agency, that was just the first thought that came to mind. I didn't know why she would act that way. If a friend was excited about something but I didn't share their same view, I would just not say anything in response. I would try to be a supportive friend. I was laughing while making that comment, it was not meant to be catty, that was not my intention. I love little James! He is so cute, and I have no doubt he would get signed by an agent and work in the entertainment industry. I always joke and say he is London's boyfriend! You have to be a friend to be treated like a friend, and unfortunately for me Alexis stopped acting like my friend. I thought I was joining a friend on the show and found out that was not the case. She had said so many mean and hurtful things to mutual friends of ours behind my back and never supported me getting on the show. She never wanted to film together and our whole dynamic changed. It was really tough on me and made filming with her almost uncomfortable at times. I don't hold grudges and will always care about her, but I don't think the friendship can ever be the same. We are different people and at different points in our lives. I am focusing on friendships that are more genuine with people closer to my age and that my husband and I can hang out with as couples!

In closing, I loved watching Micah and me at the shooting range! We always have so much fun together and like to do different things rather than just a typical dinner on date night. He is an amazing husband, and as you will see, is a complete hands on Daddy. I'm so lucky I have a man that lets me be me and is always game for anything!


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