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Back in the Saddle

Peggy talks about her return to the runway (and her crazy arm).

By Peggy Tanous

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Watch The Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo Thursday, July 11 at 9/8c and next day on Peacock. Catch up on the Bravo App.

Hi Bravo blog readers! Thanks for your support and for reading my blog. Hope everyone had a happy Easter or nice Passover!

This episode was really fun for me! When you first see me, Micah and I are meeting with Top Chef Master and restaurant owner Susan Feniger! We went to her restaurant Border Grill in Santa Monica to discuss Susan being our chef for the annual chef's dinner we host. We were referred to Susan, because she was on 'Top Chef Masters,' but we were not aware that Susan primarily cooks Mexican cuisine. Micah absolutely loves Mexican food and eats chips and salsa daily (not to mention we make Mexican food a few times a week), but for our chef's dinner we usually like to serve more formal cuisine with high end wine pairings. For this reason, we were both initially having a tough time envisioning eating tacos while drinking Silver Oak wine! Thankfully, Susan brought out so many dishes viewers didn't even see, and we were able to take Micah's suggestion and marry the formal with the Latin pallet! She was so great and by the end of our meeting she and Micah were cracking jokes and coming up with crazy drink concoctions! Next week you will see what creative dishes we all came up with. I definitely recommend Susan, and if you are in the Santa Monica area make sure to visit Border Grill The best Mexican food in LA!

I loved Slade's birthday surprise to Gretchen. That was so sweet and romantic! I always think presents from the heart are better than material gifts. And the painting his friend did of Gretchen is beautiful! I have to say Slade is also a very talented artist. When the four of us had dinner on last week's episode, Slade told us he paints and Gretchen showed us some of the things he has painted on her phone. I was really impressed, and I think he should pursue painting as a possible career if he loves doing it!

It was so funny to see Vicki talking to Brianna about Vegas. They have a really sweet relationship, and I can only imagine how I will be when my daughters want to run off to Vegas for the weekend. Vicki is a great mom and has instilled good values in her kids. It was also nice to see Vicki and Alexis talking about the mace incident and trying to put the past in the past and move forward. I think we are seeing a softer side of Vicki this year!

The scene of Alexis meeting with her business partner was definitely interesting. They showed Alexis walking into an "office" but there was a bed in the middle of the room. Was anyone else confused by this or is it just me? Is someone living there? When Alexis cut the arm off that one dress I was completely speechless. The designer had just said she spent hours hand sewing the arms and that it was very important to her. I couldn't believe Alexis was so insensitive. Wow.

Now let's talk about the strange gym workout scene Lynne had with Fernanda. I've only hung out with Fernanda a few times and think she is sweet, but I felt her bringing up a drunken kiss between two girlfriends that meant nothing to Tamra was a poor attempt to get attention at the expense of Tamra and her family. Especially since it happened more than a year and a half ago.

And finally we are at the fashion show fitting! Wow, I have to say after watching the episode, my new "twins" were very swollen! I had just had surgery two weeks prior. Glad to report they have since then calmed down! I'm so happy with my results and know I made the best choice with Dr. Anton in Newport (

Next you see me at the actual fashion show. This was such a fun event for me, as it really was my first time back working since having Capri! Unfortunately you viewers didn't get to see more of my hosting and the fact that I walked down the catwalk numerous times. Now I have to laugh at my walk! When you see me at the rehearsal I had a normal walk, but later that night Marisa had said she wanted us to really exaggerate our movements, but when I saw the show, I realized my one arm was getting a little crazy! Too funny! Guess I'm a little out of practice. It was so cute how nervous Tamra was, but when she got up there, she did a great job! We had a lot of fun after the fashion show was over. My mom was with us and we celebrated with champagne! Micah and I always have so much fun with Tamra and Eddie! We are all great friends now and hang out on a weekly basis. You will see more of this in the next few weeks.

So many of you have contacted me about my website. Thank you for all your kind words! I'm lucky that one of my husband's companies is a technology firm, and they are responsible for my beautiful site. You can contact them at for all your website needs!

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