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Luncheon Turned Sour

Peggy tells us about her Vegas trip and shares her thoughts on Alexis' preview party.

By Peggy Tanous

We just filmed our reunion show last Tuesday, so I'm feeling much lighter. All the past issues have been hashed out now! Whew, what a season!

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This week's episode put a smile on my face. Micah and I go to Vegas with our friends Kirsten and Brady and Tamra and Eddie for Micah's birthday. We had so much fun! I had done my boudoir shoot the week before, so I couldn't wait for Vegas to present Micah with a leather bound book of all the photos. He always tells me what he wants for his birthday or buys it for himself, so I couldn't wait to give him this photo book that I kept a secret from him! We had a great time by the pool when we first got there. You can watch us hanging out in our bikinis in this clip

At dinner you see Micah talking about friendships. We have gone through a transition period with a lot of friendships lately, but we are so happy now. We decided we wanted more couples in our lives with whom we can share our ups and downs . We want to get along with both partners equally. Friends that are down to earth, value their families, and like to have fun! In the next scene you see Micah kickin' butt at pool in our suite, and then I come out to give him his surprise. I was so happy and excited that he had no idea what he was getting! I think you could see he was very surprised and loved his gift. You can see all the photos at  After I gave him the book, we met up with everyone else and had an amazing dinner at T-Bones and then headed to the club in our hotel. By the end of the night Tamra and I were dancing on tables (you can watch it here).

Once home from Vegas, we see Tamra and Vicki going to dinner. Vicki confides in Tamra that she is headed for divorce. This was so hard to watch. After seeing Vicki and Donn last season renew their vows, I was really hoping they would make it. But they both stopped communicating and were not happy. I truly think Vicki gave it her all and realized it wasn't going to work, so it was time for her to walk away and find happiness. I'm happy to say I've hung out with Vicki a few times since that scene, and she is definitely getting her happy back!

Concluding this episode you see all of us, minus Vicki, at Alexis' fashion show luncheon. Although at this point our friendship was not great, I still wanted to go support Alexis. Even though we are different people and have grown apart, I harbor no bad feelings toward her and wish her the best. I told her when I arrived that I'm really proud of her. She struggled with being just a mommy, and I'm happy she found something she loves and wants to pursue, and that Jim is OK with it too. The restaurant was decorated beautifully and the food was amazing! And how about shoes as the vases for the flowers? Loved that! The fashion show itself was very informal and kind of cramped with all the tables, but there were a few dresses I thought were nice. 

Now let's get to Vicki being in the hospital. I was shocked and worried when Tamra got the text from Vicki that she was bleeding and in the hospital. I couldn't believe Gretchen thought Vicki was staging this or conveniently getting out of coming to the luncheon. I don't have a history yet with these ladies like Gretchen obviously does, but I was still shocked she questioned Vicki being sick. Gretchen's doubts caused Alexis to then question Vicki, and the rest of the luncheon turned sour. Alexis was getting upset, and Gretchen was mad at Tamra. Although Gretchen thought Tamra was disrupting the party, I thought Tamra was actually being polite by staying at the lunch while worrying about her best friend in the hospital. Seems like everyone gets so sensitive and thinks people are trying to ruin their events, but they all do it. Hmm. Am I missing something? If you dish it out, then be prepared to take it. Don't get mad when others do it too. Just saying!

Well, one more episode to go until we part ways. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and comment on it! Follow me on Twitter @peggytanous and FB

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