The Healing Touch

The Healing Touch

Peggy talks about her mother-in-law and the drama-free dinner with Gretchen and Alexis.

Well after a crazy week with my baby teething, this probably won't be my most exciting blog. It feels like the days of a colicky newborn again. So tough. Exhausted.

It was a lot of fun to watch Jim and Alexis in San Diego with their kids! Micah and I love taking the girls to the zoo and new and interesting places in general. And it was nice to see Jim interacting with the kids so much. Alexis is a great mom and definitely good at doting over Jim. I was laughing over all her luggage, because I have traveled with her and she loves having lots of bags! Gotta love it!

I had a great time shoe shopping and having drinks with Gretchen and Alexis. No drama! When I told the girls about me and Micah going in the closet if London is in our bed and then Alexis said she and Jim do the same thing, I didn't think she was being competitive. Funny how things can look so different! And the comment Gretchen made about me caught me off guard. Not nice, but in her defense, I have gotten to know her pretty well and am sure she wouldn't have said that now. It was amusing because my dress was classy and barely above my knees, but they showed me pulling it up to check out the thigh high boots I was trying on. Well regardless, I think I look pretty darn good for having a baby and a three year old! 

The scene of me with my mother-in-law was very fun to watch. She is an amazing person and a healer, and she has helped me so much the past few years. You will probably see more of how she helps me later in the season. It is very important to me to live a holistic lifestyle and take care of my body from the inside out. Melinda has an amazing practice and helps children with autism, ADHD and other learning disabilities. She helps adults with diets, energy healing, hormone therapy and numerous other things! I will be starting to suggest supplements etc. for babies on my website very soon. Some of my reactions in that scene make it seem like I was freaked out by what she was saying, but this was not the case! I completely trust her opinion on everything and am thankful to have her as my second mom.

Now for Gretchen's trip to Palm Springs. Micah and I have hung out with Victor and Robert on numerous occasions, and we love them! We love the fact they have been together so long. They are great role models for a lasting, loving relationship! It was fun to see them on the show together, and I loved the biking scene and their tandem bike. Gretchen was hilarious with her pregnant comment! As far as the dinner went, I was again surprised at some of the things Gretchen was saying to Slade, but I know they just tease one another all the time. They are really cute together. It will be interesting to see what happens with them!

I was so happy to see Vicki and Tamra had lunch and patched up things from last year. It's important to do that with true friendships. Can't wait to see their Cabo trip!

Lastly I want to talk about Eddie. I am so happy for Tamra! Eddie is such a fun and positive person and wants Tamra to be herself. Micah and I got very close with them both throughout the season. We all have tons of fun together and go on a trip that you will all see later in the season. Eddie and Micah are a lot alike, and Eddie is born the day after me, so lots of similarities! You really can see how crazy Tamra and Eddie are about each other!

Thanks for reading my blog! Can't wait for next week!

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