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S6 - E2

Shameless in Seattle

After being with Slade for a year and half, Gretchen still doesn't know if she is ready for marriage again. Tamra and her new gal-pal, Fernanda, catch up over a glass of wine as Tamra explains how much she enjoys their friendship, especially while going through such an emotional divorce. Alexis spends the morning at the park with her close friend Peggy and their daughters. The women have been friends through their pregnancies, but now that their kids are getting older, they find themselves becoming more competitive. Vicki heads to Seattle for her annual insurance conference, leaving Donn alone, yet again. Vicki's daughter, Briana, arrives in time for a night of cocktails and bowling, but as the day winds down, Vicki's playful conversation with an employee makes Briana uncomfortable.
Aired: 03/13/2011