100 Percent

100 Percent

Alexis explains how she keeps her marriage working with Jim and questions Tamra's doubts about Brooks.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, fun, relaxing Easter! The other night I was organizing the kid's baskets and candy and consumed 22 pieces of candy. Darn that Easter Bunny! I think their candy may have to accidentally end up in the trash can so mommy doesn't get a tummy ache again!

This episode, Tamra is worrying about Vicki, but I can't tell if Tamra's concern for Vicki's boyfriend, Brooks, is sincere. I can understand someone caring for the best interest of their friend, however, I do not understand handling it in a manner that would hurt or offend your friend. At the end of the day, it's really none of our business who Vicki dates or falls in love with. I have met Brooks on many occasions, and he does say all the right things, but I've also seen him and Vicki bicker like any normal couple. We can all sit around and pick apart each other's boyfriends/girlfriends, but I truly believe that you should not offer your opinion where you are not asked.

If Tamra is truly concerned for Vicki's relationship, she should sit her down, A-L-O-N-E, and give Vicki her points of concern. And then once she has done that, if Vicki is not receptive, guess what? You should butt out! Vicki is a big girl and very intelligent, and Vicki will come to the conclusion on her own if what Tamra is saying is true. Vicki is vulnerable and newly divorced, which sounds exactly like Tamra when she met Eddie. I'm just happy Vicki is happy because if Vicki's happy...EVERYONE's happy! LOL!

So when Vicki is at lunch with Brooks and he leaves her a card, I remembered a time when my husband and I were a new couple, and he sent me flowers almost every day. He wooed me. I smooched all over him. . .that was our infatuation period. I think it is what Vicki needs right now because her love tank was empty for so many years that it may take a few years of over-indulging to fully fill her tank again. Or perhaps that is just the type of man and relationship Vicki really needs. Who are we to judge that? Let Vicki be happy and love whomever she wants, and time will tell us Brooks' true colors.

Interviewing that panel of guests on my Fox Five segment was so enlightening considering I have three kids under the age of six. I don't like the thought of discussing sex with my innocent babies! You can view my full Fox Five segment of the Sexualization of Children on my Facebook page at "Alexis Bellino Verified Profile!" I love my Lifestyle Corespondent role at Fox Five! It is so exciting, yet challenging, and has opened so many other doors for me. I had my first acting role on General Hospital this week!!! YIPEEEEE! I had a great time with cast members Alexis, Spinelli, and Maurice! Kelly Monaco is an absolute sweetheart! And so tiny! I am blessed to be in such an amazing place in my life, and General Hospital was UNBELIEVABLY fun! My episode airs May 9th, so be sure to tune in to see what my role is!

My family dynamic has definitely changed over the past two years. When I first began with the Housewives, I never pictured my career being what it is today. I was at a place in my life where the kids were finally out of diapers, and I was ready to go back to part-time work, so I came aboard because I knew I could work a few months a year, and still be a mom first. You all know that Jim and I have always agreed that we have very different roles in our household. I was the caretaker inside the home, and he was the caretaker outside the home. I'm not saying this is how all marriages should be, but this is what works for our marriage. However, with my career where it is currently, that is simply impossible. I happened to change my role mid-marriage and Jim jumped on board immediately. I am very thankful for this. I wasn't quick to turn over what I considered MY responsibilities inside the home, yet I knew I had to because I simply couldn't do it all. I view marriage as a constantly changing, ever-evolving relationship. In ten years, neither Jim or I will be exactly the same persons we are today. I believe the minute the marriage becomes stagnant is when the marriage ends, because that means one participant is not moving or changing with the other. With that in mind, I know Jim and I agree that our commitment to each other is that we will evolve together rather than drift apart. One of the rules we live by is that if one of us begins to drift too far, or push too hard, we are sure to voice our opinion that this is occurring. Jim knows that I am a perfectionist, so I tend to go 110 percent where I need to be only giving 20 percent of my time. I ask him his advice frequently because he is the one person that truly knows me and he is my best friend. I love that man and I value his advice! He has always truly been 100 percent supportive of my career and 100 percent honest with me. I would not have married him otherwise.

Changing the Terms of the Marriage Contract

Moving on to Tamra's surgery. I am happy for Tamra and think she looks absolutely great! How sweet of Gretchen to show up at the hospital to visit her. That's what friends do. I loved the champagne Bowling idea and was truly sad I couldn't be there. I love to bowl (although I took my kids two weeks ago and I stink at it! I bowled a 67. My four-year-old daughter Melania bowled a 72! That pretty much says it all! GEEZ!) I had a blast though, and know it would have been a good time. Well, um, except there was quite a bit of drama that night.

This was one of those times that Sarah should have just let it go. Yes Vicki was a little abrupt to Sarah when she was only trying to say hello, but I have to admit that Sarah's approach was not so suave. I am not sure that if I had been Vicki if I would have reacted any differently than saying no and walking away. When Sarah kept following Vicki around and saying the same thing over and over, Sarah looked like she is trying to start a fight. I spoke to Sarah right after that bowling party and I know that was not her intentions; Sarah was upset that Vicki blew her off. However, I told Sarah she definitely should have dropped it the first time Vicki said she didn't want to talk to her. Maybe champagne and bowling don't go well together after all.

Heather did say we aren't the kind of girls who like champagne and caviar. Perhaps she should rethink this statement. I think Ashleigh Brilliant said it the best, "Be kind to unkind people, they need it the most."

I am so thankful for all of you and would not be here today without the love and support from you. Thank you for the positive feedback and I appreciate all of your love and support on Facebook and I really enjoy all of our conversations on twitter!

We are taking the kids on a two-night getaway since it's spring break, so I'll definitely need a nap on Saturday! LOL!

Keep Believing,

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