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Acting Like Adults

Alexis just wants to move on from the Peggy/Jim situation and calls out Tamra's brown-nosing.

It's obvious Peggy's and my relationship will never recover from everything that has occurred. I went to Vicki's party with every intention of being cordial and keeping the evening light. There was definitely tension in the air, however, I went out of my way to say hello to Peggy first. It was a quick moment, so you may need to rewind and watch again, but yes, I did.

As the night went on, Peggy kept throwing digs at me. I refused to stoop to her level and get caught up in her comments. Her daughter, London, had broken her arm over the summer, and I had texted Peggy to tell her I was thinking and praying for her. So at Vicki's when she's telling me the story of what happened to London's arm, I was merely relating to her daughter and what she was going through when I made the comment about having a rod in my leg. I WAS NOT COMPETING with a four-year-old! That just sounds so ridiculous to even say. The fact that Peggy would even say that makes me once again think she is looking for drama. It seems like Peggy and I just can't get out of this negative cycle we're in. At this point in my life, I want to move beyond the past (because it was 16 years ago!) and just be civil. I think it is apparent that Peggy and I will not become friends again, but that doesn't mean we can't be adults about the matter and just get along for the sake of the group.

Throughout the evening I ignored Peggy's negative remarks towards me. I have to admit that when she made the ridiculous comment about me pouring ketchup over her dessert in San Antonio last year, the thought of pouring ketchup over her head instead of over her dessert instantly ran through my mind. And I chuckled at the thought of it, but I'm only human! At the end of the evening when she walked out to my limo claiming she wanted to "talk," I had to question her motive. She has had five months to come to me to talk about everything, and she chooses now? She had the entire dinner party to talk to me, and instead she continued to insult me with under-breath remarks. Not to mention the fact that over the summer when I texted her about London's arm, she could have easily texted back that she wanted to talk then, but she did NOT. Instead, she waited until the end of Vicki's dinner party, and I didn't feel that was the appropriate time -- it didn't feel authentic either. I volunteered to meet her for coffee or lunch the following week, and she never called -- so you tell me who really wants to work things out, and who's looking for attention. The way she has handled herself both on and off camera makes me very curious about her intentions.

Let's move on to the women once again bashing my husband. Isn't it funny how Jim doesn't talk about them, want to be around them, use any energy on them at all, and yet all they do is berate him? I really hate to give this topic any of my time at all, but the truth is that it seems so easy for Tamra and Peggy to sit on a couch and just persecute my husband. It's so disgusting. The only thing toxic about this scene are Tamra and Peggy. They have crossed a line with me that is beyond reproach. I would never do to them what they have done to me. I am angry and refuse to play into their mean girl games and the toxic environment they have created. Jim is the most amazing, devoted husband, loving father, and happy man. I am lucky to have him, and I am grateful to share this life with him. It seems whenever someone is truly happy, like I am now, others who are not happy attack. I will continue to be happy, move forward, and ignore their spitefulness and hate. My favorite quote is, "If you want happiness, be happy. If you want friends, be friendly. If you want love, be loving." That sums it all up!

My husband doesn't deserve any of what these women are saying about him. If you want to bash me, then do it, but leave my husband and children alone. Here is an expert from my husband, Jim Bellino's, own personal blog. This shows you a taste of what man I'm actually married to, which doesn't at all line up with what these girls claim.

"I am a real human being. The accusations tossed around so cavalierly about me tonight made me shudder -- not just for myself and my wife, but because of the basic premise: Anyone can be made to seem like a kind of monster if he or she has enough enemies on reality TV. Whether you've earned those enemies or not means nothing -- because in the end, decisions about your imagined (not real) character will be decided based upon any information given on air -- no matter how inaccurate, false, or outrageous the claims may be.

What's funny is that I could easily sit here and do the same thing -- I could very easily tell you stories about these women that would change how you perceive them, just as they have changed how I am perceived. But after reading this I hope you will realize why I have chosen not to play the game. It's beneath me. And no matter how far escalated the accusations get, I will not stoop to their level -- not for fame, not for fortune, and not for anything else.

When there is no story to tell, people invent one using what few splinters of a crafted reality they can to make it stick. But the only thing still standing when the smoke clears is the truth, no matter how long it may take that smoke to clear. When you bless those who curse you, God shines his favor on you. It's not always easy, but it is very rewarding. I hope God shines his favor on all the castmates, but I also hope the time for dragging my name through the mud is now over. All drama has an expiration date, and the one that makes me the scapegoat went bad a long time ago. Time to move on—even the fans are totally over it."

I feel it's important to clarify something about Jim and I. When we met, eight years ago, we made a mutual agreement not to discuss our past relationships. We both felt that our lives together began from that moment forward. We had both been married before, and we both had pasts, so instead of dwelling on the past, we focused on the future. . .our future together. Now with that said, if I was talking to a guy and Jim asked me if I dated that guy in the past, or vice versa, we always told each other the truth. However, if we didn't ask, there was no reason to mention it. The same thing applied when it came to Peggy. I never asked Jim if they dated, and he never told me. He definitely should have told me once Peggy and I started to become good friends. However, Peggy should have told me too. Of course I was hurt and angry at Jim once I found out, but never for a minute would I allow that to come between Jim and I. It was 16 years ago!!! Our marriage is our marriage, and we know our agreements and we know what works for us. "What God joins together, let no man separate."

I think Brook's affirmations to Vicki are sweet. Yes, they are they a little overboard right now. But Jim and I were a little overly lovey at the beginning of our relationship too! I think that is the beauty of falling in love. It's easy to over-do it. It's easy to spend too much time together. It's easy to call each other too much. . .that is infatuation, and that is falling in love. Time tells all truths, and right now I feel that Brooks and Vicki's relationship is beautiful and we should all be happy for them.

Can Tamra's kiss Heather's tush any more that she has? Actually, oh yes. . .just wait to see what the season holds. Tamra ends up so far up Heather's tush she needs a freaking map to find her way back to reality. It's so hard to watch Tamra. She sits around belittling people, and she is just the epitome of a mean girl, and now a brown-noser.

Let's end on a positive note, Gretchen's breast cancer shoot was BEAUTIFUL! She kept what mattered covered, and she looked amazing, uh-hum I mean the handbag was beautiful, AND it was all for a good cause. Job well done!

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