One Fire Drill at a Time

One Fire Drill at a Time

Alexis explains how she's approaching her career, motherhood, and everything else day-by-day.

Boy, I have had a busy two weeks! Sorry I missed blogging last week!

First of all I must say happy SIXTH birthday to my little prince. I cannot believe he is already 6!!! It's just not fair for them to grow up so fast. I just flew in from NYC, so I'm writing this in the car on my way home from the airport, so I will try to keep it short and sweet since you are getting a two-for-one dealio!

In last week's episode, I learned that I had a lot to learn! But I was happy to have the challenge! Seeing myself with my coach, Terry Anzur, I realized I got more out of that experience than I ever realized I would. Not only was she a master of the trade, but she was so positive and motivating at the same time.

The question the she asked, "What did you give people?" really struck me. To me, it's not just about being on camera or off. It reminded me of the values I grew up with -- no matter what you do in life, you should give it your all, and that's what I want to give people when I'm doing live TV -- my all!

Sometimes when you're learning a new craft, you have to "unlearn" what you've been using in other scenarios that worked all along. With me, I have obviously been in front of cameras, so up to this point I had been operating in a lot of the same ways in front of news cameras. It wasn't working! But that's OK, because it has given me the room to grow and discover a whole new side of myself that I know I can carry into other aspects of my life. I want to drive the bus!

No matter what, I am proud of myself for taking this once in a lifetime opportunity with Fox 5 and making the most of it. I loved doing it. It gave me a new outlook on life, and I realized I will not look back saying, "what if." To see all of my Fox 5 segments, go to my Facebook page, Alexis Bellino Verified Profile, or visit my YouTube channel. You will see all the segments in their entirety and you will see that I do a darn good job! It is an experience I will never regret doing, and I will always look back and say I'm glad I took the challenge!

When Briana told Vicki that she is married, I had so many emotions running through my body! I was like:

"Yeeeee! Congratulations, you're married!"
"Wait, No, NO, NOOO! You can't do that without your parents!"
"Oh, that's so sweet, Briana is in love."
"Wait! What the heck? We don't know who the guy is!"
"Ohhhh shoot, Vicki is gonna explode in a minute!"

Show Highlight
Briana Got Married!

I'm sure many of you ran this gamut of emotions as well. Now that I've had time to process, I feel sad that Vicki missed that special moment with her baby girl. I am one parent who will say that my children DEFINITELY have minds of their own, and they sure do not always do what mommy wants -- even at four years old. So I know there is no guarantee I will walk both my daughters down the aisle, but it is a day every parent dreams about. So although I am happy Briana is in love, I wish Vicki had been included.

You see later in the episode that I am juggling one of my twins, Melania, with a work meeting. I had scheduled a meeting for my new hangtags for my Alexis Couture dresses, which had to be ordered right away as my dresses were close to finishing production. However, the meeting had a little hiccup when Melania was home from school that day! Normally I would have just cancelled the meeting with Zach; however Melania was doing just fine hours before the meeting, so I decided to keep the appointment. I had watched movies with her, read to her, and laid with her. I knew it would be a quick meeting and everything was hunky-dory, so no problem. HA. . .until Zach showed up! It's just like when I have all my children in the car and everyone is happy as a lark, but the minute mommy picks up the phone, all hell breaks loose! It was the same with this meeting.

Luckily, Zach from was very understanding!! My poor baby was so sick and fussy, and I just couldn't seem to make her happy. But now after watching I also feel so bad for Zach waiting so patiently for me! I thought to myself when watching this scene I was just in auto-mode. I had a sick baby that I needed to care for. But the truth is I wanted to be able to give both Zach and my child my full attention, but on that day, it just wasn't possible. As most moms know, you cannot magically divide into two people, so I had to make the best of a situation. This is something I am learning actually happens quite often when you are a career mom. Some days you get lucky and have that ability, space, and time to separate all your roles. . .and some days, everything seems to have to happen all at the same place at the same time! The ability to literally do it all and still have a smile on your face even when you're running on empty -- that's what makes a Supermom!

Truthfully, I think no matter how much a career mom tries to solve the puzzle it's probably best just to take it day by day, task by task, and one fire drill at a time. I'm proud of my career and my accomplishments outside of the house, and I hold my head high knowing I have truly been giving everything my all. But at the end of the day, I am most proud of my children and the family Jim and I have together. We have worked hard to create a loving home where our kids can be who they are. Seeing mommy go after her dreams is just as important for them to see as it is for me to do. Moving on to this week's episode: It was so refreshing to watch this week's episode and see NO fighting, no bickering, and the name-calling kept at a minimum (of course, there was one person who just couldn't go ONE episode without being gross and negative in some way). However, all things considered, I was shocked. I actually enjoyed watching the show for a change.

I am truly happy for Vicki and Tamra's new Wine by Wives endeavor. It's a great concept. I love giving back (charity) and I love wine! I feel we all need to lift each other up, even if others only want to tear you down. I try to support everything the other 'Wives do because at the end of the day, we are all working women just trying to make the most of this opportunity we were given. So kudos ladies, and I hope it's a huge success! The party they threw for the launching of WBW was a really good time and it is always fun to get dressed up and enjoy good company. . .without wine throwing. Regardless of what a certain snooty person thinks, we do happen to get dressed up often and go to elegant events that require a more refined air, but I never get tired of those events!

As for Brooks' meeting Briana and Michael, well that's a different story. It was difficult to watch and I could slice the tension coming through the TV screen with a knife. I know Vicki's kids are just being protective of their momma, but she is a grown woman and they must respect her choices -- just as Vicki respects their choices (such as eloping), even though she doesn't agree with it. I know things are much better between all of them now, so thank goodness for that!

It's Hard Meeting Mom's Boyfriend

My debut on General Hospital aired today! I hope you all got to see it! If you noticed my wardrobe, THEY chose a low-cut dress for me, so it's obviously not that much of a faux pas to wear what I wear! This was General Hospital's stylist/wardrobe department who selected my outfit. . .so I had to chuckle thinking that my coach critiqued wardrobe differently!

Yep, I have a lot to learn, but I'm doing my best, so get on the bus! I cannot change people's behaviors or perception of me; all I can do is change my own behavior. So as long as I can put my head on my pillow at night and rest knowing I'm being the best person I can be, then that's all that matters.

Exciting news! June 1 is our Grand Opening for our first Sky Zone Anaheim, and we are so proud to say that it is the LARGEST indoor trampoline park in the world!!! Woot Woot! My husband is AMAZING, he created it!!! So go Jimmy, I love you! If you are in the area, be sure to come June 1! To see our progress, you can 'like' us on our Facebook page "Sky Zone Anaheim."

Last of all, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you hardworking, sleep-deprived, loving, kind, taxi-driving, laundry-folding, lunch-packing, meal-cooking moms out there! We wear so many hats, yet have the most rewarding job of all. I'm so thankful to have my three healthy, beautiful babies to run home to right now! And to show my appreciation to all of you other mom's out there, I'm offering FREE shipping throughout the month of May on BOTH dress lines, Alexis Couture and Alexis by Tal Sheyn, because all moms deserve to look good and feel their best while doing the toughest job on Earth! Go to or to order yours today! And, also in honor of all of you moms out there, CosmetiCare also wants to recognize you and is offering Juviderm for $399 (original price of $600)! So Happy Mother's Day and treat yourself, you deserve it!

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Follow your dreams,

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