Such a Rush

Such a Rush

Alexis' welcomes you back to the O.C. and discusses the perils of live television and Peggy.

Hi again! I'm not sure if you all are ready for this, but put your seat belts on because it is going to be a bumpy ride! LOL! I hope you all have been well, and are ready for the excitement again. I think I am!

The scene with Vicki and Michael was cute. It's so typical of a mom/son scene. And I loved the last line, "Mom, Don't be annoying!" I will too soon be hearing those words I'm sure!

For the most part, I think Episode 1 remained calm. I mean, you have to get caught up on what all of us are doing, right? Uh-um, well, maybe it wasn't so boring since the two arch enemies seemed to make the peace! I have such mixed emotions about Gretchen and Tamra's little "love lunch." For starters, it seemed to all happen so quickly. There was no romance, no prelude. . .just BAM! OK, now we are friends. I mean a friendship bracelet with a lock and key? Really? As strange as it is that they have rekindled their friendship, I began this season actually glad they had! I thought, "Oh good, less tension now and for once maybe we can all get along." OK, OK, I couldn't be more wrong! LOL!


I was dying laughing at my morning getting ready for Fox 5. That truly is my morning routine on my Fox 5 Fridays! It's crazy busy, but I love it! I have it all down to a science now. . .the Friday morning routine is a breeze. And, by the way, Jim did answer the phone eventually, and the kiddos made it to school on time! I was stressing over nothing! I am so excited about my "Lifestyle Correspondent" position at Fox 5 San Diego! I visited Fox 5 last summer to discuss Alexis Couture and my other endeavors on their morning show, and two weeks later they asked me back to discuss fashion tips and "What's in my bag" for Opening Day at Del Mar Races. Then another two weeks later they asked me to come back and be a co-host for another fashion/beauty segment. Within a month, I had acquired the "Celebrity Lifestyle Correspondent" title, which is where I am today. It's so much fun and such a rush. I definitely have to step out of my comfort zone, and you all got to see first hand just what live TV means! If you goof up, there is no way to hide it! Even with such a heavy responsibility, I still find it extremely enticing and exciting!

The Peggy/Tamra conversation was totally vulgar (but what's new?) The only thing Peggy's embarrassed about is the fact that Jim dumped her. Why doesn't she just stop talking about him? He sure doesn't talk about her. And that's all I have to say about that.


Heather is introduced, and when I first met her I thought she was kind.

The bright pink skirt I was wearing at Vicki's party is from BCBG, because a lot of you were asking on Twitter!

We are launching my second line of Alexis Couture, as well as Alexis By Tal Sheyn dresses, and you will see them in the next week on my website! I have added two new hats to my Alexis hat line which you will see soon! Be sure to check out my new website You can follow me on Twitter @alexisbellino and Facebook at "Alexis Bellino Verified Profile"!


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