Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open

Heather discusses her initial thoughts of the O.C. ladies and why she loved Tamra from the get-go.

Life is funny, who knew going shopping for a new piece of land I would meet and become involved with a whole new group of friends. Terry and I are considering building a new house since the surprise arrival of our fourth child. Yes, it's ridiculous that in a house the size of ours there aren't enough bedrooms upstairs, but we designed the house for three kids!

So, I meet this incredibly blunt, cool, and authentic real estate agent Tamra. Like my agent John McMonigle, she's pretty well known around the OC but I had no idea how nice she would be, and we had an instant connection. I was amazed to learn how much she has gone through in the past couple of years and she seems to be transitioning to a very interesting and exciting phase of her life. Although I have a pretty tight group of Newport Coast friends, I was open to meeting Tamra's friends from a different part of the OC and was intrigued when she invited me to a party with her girlfriends. I accepted her invitation but I wanted to renege after she regaled me with scary stories of tossed wine and people being pushed into the pool!!! Nevertheless, not to be rude, I agreed to go. Oh dear. . .

As soon as I get there I'm met with an interesting mix of sharp women (Vicki) and those of shall we say, less than erudite variety. Eyes wide open however, I'm in for the evening. Let's see what happens.

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