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Rock Me Like a Hurricane

Heather explains the way the O.C. women fight and why she stuck up for her man.

By Heather Dubrow

WOW! I was so looking forward to the '80s-themed bunco party. I had no idea what was about to erupt!!! This group has a way of spinning out of control when you least expect it. It's like a hurricane -- it comes and goes quickly and leaves behind a crazy mess to clean up.

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I'd like to address what happened at the party with Alexis. The problem is she had told us all that she was having sinus surgery and never mentioned any cosmetic surgery (except to Gretchen). No one cares if she wants a rhinoplasty. It was the different stories that got her in trouble. Either come clean or keep it to yourself!

It seemed like Alexis was itching for a fight the whole night. . . I feel like I have been attacked by Alexis since we met, and I'm not sure why. But when she got Terry involved, I couldn't stand by and watch. He had no idea who was being discussed (how would he know that Gretchen calls her "Lex"). Pick on me all you want, but you DON'T mess with my man!

Anyway, I would like to say that Alexis sent me a very sweet text message the next day. She said she overreacted and felt bad about what happened. I thought that was great, I appreciated it. . .And once again, I hope we can start fresh here.

Donn and Briana are so sweet together! I'm sure that it is very difficult to be the adult child of a couple going through a divorce. I'm glad that with all of her health issues that Briana has good relationships with both Donn and Vicki. This is certainly a time where she needs all the support she can get. She has been in our thoughts and prayers. . .

Till next week. . .

Be sure and watch the bonus clip of Terry talking about his late brother Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot. It's bittersweet.

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