Just Like Heaven

Just Like Heaven

Tamra shares tales from her Tahiti trip and is glad she shared the proposal with you.

Sorry for being MIA lately, life has been a little crazy with opening a fitness studio, dealing with the end of school year, and recovering from the reunion taping.

As much as I would like to address the past two episodes I don't feel like I want to spoil this amazing episode with all the past drama. We just filmed the reunion show and it will all be shown in a few weeks.

Can you believe it. . .Tammy Sue is getting married!

I can't tell you how happy I am to be sharing this news with everyone. So much has happened in my life in the past three years and I feel like you (the viewers) have been with me every step of the way. I have so much to tell you and don't even know where to start.

When Eddie told me he wanted to take me to Bora Bora I was excited. Who wouldn't be?!? At first the thought of going to such a magical place was enough to make me jump up and down. Then when I starting thinking about it. I thought, "Oh my. Could this be a wedding proposal?"

Eddie is a world traveler and often surprises me with amazing trips, but we usually gives me a heads up so we can arrange it around the kids schedule with their dad. I didn't want to get my hopes up, but when I started to put things together in my head I was 95 percent convinced. . .I was getting a ring! From the second we got onto the plane it was a dream come true. We landed in Tahiti and took a small plane to Bora Bora. We were both speechless as we looked out on turquoise water. There are no words to describe how beautiful it was. I was in the most romantic place with the man of my dreams. It felt like heaven. When we got to our room at the Four Seasons I was overcome with emotions. I felt so blessed to be there I didn't know if I should cry, laugh, or scream with excitement. So we did the next best thing and jumped into the water. The water is so clear you could see to the floor of the ocean and all the fish swimming around you, including stingrays that come right up to you.

Eddie is a great travel planner and had the whole seven days planned with adventurous and relaxing things to do. After our swim we had couples massage and a coconut milk bath on a secluded deck overlooking the ocean. Later that night was our dinner on the beach. . .that's when my mind started playing tricks on me.

When we had dinner on the beach I thought for sure he was going to propose. It was the perfect setting. But boy did he throw me for a loop! After our conversation I was a little disappointed and thought there was no way he was going to propose and that I just needed to get it out of my head. Easier said than done! Dinner was yummy and the view was to die for. When we got back to the room Eddie had trails of rose petals all over the room with a big heart on the bed, chocolate covered strawberries, and champagne. Again I thought, "Oh god, here it comes."

But I was wrong again!

The next day we went scuba diving. It was my first time, and I was nervous. Again I started thinking "What if he proposes underwater, and I get excited and forget how to breath and I suck up water. . . .What if I die before I even get to say YES?" As you know that did not happen either. After scuba diving I told myself again, "STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND ENJOY."

When the they wanted to film in our room after scuba diving I didn't think anything of it.There was no reason for me to change my clothes and get made up.

Eddie was outside on the deck opening clams and I was inside on the phone catching up with the kids. When I walked out to see what Eddie was up too, I had NO IDEA what was about to happen. I sat down next to him with wet hair, a ring around my face from the scuba mask, no makeup on, and started watching Eddie open clams.

When he handed me the second clam to open that clearly did not look the same you would think I would have known, but I didn't! In my mind I was expecting him to propose 15 times already, and it didn't happen. I was thinking (because I thought I had it all figured out) he would propose at dinner, on a sunset cruise, or on the beach. . .you know the typical fancy way. But that's not my Eddie, he is always surprising me with the unexpected. I was in shock when I opened up that clam -- and most of all I was truly surprised. In the end, he did it his way and I would have to say he was very creative.

It has been four months since I said "yes" and life has sure changed. When we got home Eddie proposed again to me in front of the kids this time. I said "yes" once again and told him that we would get married when the kids are ready. We now all live together and everyone is adjusting to our new life. We have not started making wedding plans just yet. . .although I have lots of good ideas in my head.

I can't believe how my life has changed in the past two-and-half years and I am so glad to have shared my journey with all of you.

Do you want to see more of Bora Bora? Check out my website Tamra-Barney.com for more engagement pictures and videos.

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