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Tamra discusses Alexis' nose job drama and her engagement.

By Tamra Judge

Its safe to say that My bunko party went from bad 80's dos to bad 80's tudes.

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Let me start off on a good note. I AM ENGAGED! I cant even believe it myself, I am still in shock. What a difference two and half years make. Check out this week's issue of US Weekly. Thank you to all the wonderful people that have posted such nice things on my Facebook and Twitter (@tamrabarney).

Let me just start off by saying (again) YES all the guys were invited. . .even Jimmy Boy. To hear Alexis say Jim was NOT invited just blows me away. He chose not to attend. You see me walk over to her and whisper in her ear. I was telling her that Jim was invited and he did not respond to the invite. I would NEVER invite all the men and not Jim, My God, I even had Slade and he just ripped on me.

I was really put in a bad place and was not about to choose sides. I was actually speechless for once in my life. I heard the screaming and the yelling but after a while it sounded like white noise. I can understand both sides. It's not cool for a man to make fun of a woman's looks. However, there has been so much fighting going on back and forth between everyone. where do you draw the line? I told Vicki that "I was removed because I choose to be removed." I just can't take the back and forth fighting anymore. I figure If I am above it, maybe it will go away? Guess what, it did! Sometimes you have to take a step back and stop playing the blame game. It is a vicious circle and you get pretty dizzy while your in it.

When Gretchen told us that Lex was having "sinus surgery" I had to laugh. I am sorry but she has complained about the bump on her nose for years. No one has ever heard her talk about her sinuses. Terry was totally out of the loop in the conversation and did not know who we were talking about. He did not say anything bad about having a nose job. For goodness sakes, he is a plastic surgeon and was given his medical opinion. Alexis was so rude and so defensive, which only makes you look guilty. The bottom line is, NO ONE at that table cared if she was getting a nose job. It was just the fact that she was lying about it, like she always does. When she was coming after me, I told her I agreed with her that "her nose was kinda big," which is probably the first and only thing I have ever agreed with her on. It might have been a little brutal, but she was the one that brought it up. Plastic surgery is a personal choice and it doesn't matter what others think. Have it done because you want to change it -- not for someone else.

Alexis (or should I call her Pinocchio) really should stop lying or that nose is going to get big again. When she was in the limo going off on Gretchen telling her that she always stuck up for her when it came to me I almost spit out my merlot from I have never talked to Alexis about Gretchen and when we fought in the past she never challenged me on what was said. I starting to think she just says what sounds good at that moment.

I was laughing watching Eddie trying to duck away from the drama. He hates the housewife drama and does not want to get involved or even be seen around it. He kept getting caught by a camera as he was trying to walk away from the arguing. Sorry babe, I know it gets crazy sometime.

Briana is such a strong girl and has gone through so much the past three years. I hope and pray that she gets better soon.

In closing, Alexis made this statement on her blog and it sent chills down my spin "I don't like how Tamra and Vicki treated Slade and Gretchen in the past about Slade's child support, and how in the past neither Tamra or Vicki seemed to care that Slade's precious son was so ill." I take great offense to this statement. As a mother of four it makes me sick to hear her say I did not care about Slade son being sick! As a Christian and a mother she should be ashamed to say something like that. The reason I was so vocal about Slade's issues in the past is because I felt SO BAD about his son.

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