The '80s Strike Back

The '80s Strike Back

Episode 6:'s Associate Editor addresses nose jobs, fighting in costume, and Briana's great attitude.

Welcome back to the land of crimped hair and crimped feelings. Are things more dramatic because everyone is in '80s clothes? Or would this feel just as ridiculous if people were dressed normally? Who cares, the costumes add a lovely of rad-itude to the proceedings, so let's recap shall we?

Let's Hear It for the Boys
. . .Or not. Vicki is less than pleased when Billy Slade Cyrus (that is what he looked like) arrives with the rest of the gents (and I'm super sad Brooks wasn't able to make it, I would have loved to see is outfit). And then Slade goes straight for Ricky (Mr. Amazing Flock of Seagulls cut, if you haven't seen him before), for bring up the improv, which gets Vicki even more bothered and then "exits out stage left." (P.S.: Best exit line for a party ever, start using that one word.)

But as quickly as she leaves, Vicki returns, with eyes ablaze, and starts right in with Slade. . .

The whole thing went from zero to bananas in about four seconds. "No one has any idea" about anything because all we could hear is yelling. And then Vicki leaves, and Gretchen starts crying. And as horrific as the whole thing was, didn't you just keep looking at their outfits and think they were yelling about something going missing at the mall? I don’t forsee a few bangles fixing this fallout though, so expect repercussions from Vicki/Gretchen's far longer than Debbie Gibson's career (zing!).

By a Nose
Once the Vicki kerfuffle ends, the gang starts discussing plastic surgery and Alexis' nasal surgery comes up. Dr. Terry Dubrow gives his professional opinion, not realizing that Lex is Alexis. . . and things suddenly the hot pink claws come out again.

Alexis is ready to defend her knowledge of nasal passage ways and will snot in front of you if you disagree with her. I don’t think anyone has to mucus all over the place to get their point across, but it's nice that she's willing to go that extra mile. Heather and Terry do not want to engage, and so she tries to apologize. But there's still more back and forth about stupidity and arguing with it and then Lex is angry Gretchen didn't leap to her defense.

I have to give a gold medal to Slade for begging the women to just argue in the car. Get everyone home, this night is a bust-o.

Briana for the Win
I know I've already lauded Briana this season for her coping skills, but I just need to lay some praise on her again. She's so mature in her ability to spend quality time with both her parents, while avoiding the muck of talking about one to the other. Launching into the adult relationship with your parents can be a doozie, and as usual, she navigates it with ease.

Besides dealing with all of that Briana has to face her surgery, which is going to take about five to six hours. Have all the Coronas you can now darling. You deserve them.

Hospital Corners
Tamra heads to Vicki's office for a little coffee clutch, and things are already tense. VG has fired off some texts to Gretchen, so there's no building of bridges there. Vicki feels that because Brooks works their situation is different, and Tamra's just confused about where the distinction is.

All of this pales in comparison though to the traumatics she's going through with Briana, so Vicki has to focus on the task at hand, which means getting Briana enough underwear for her hospital visit. . .

Meanwhile at another hospital, Alexis is prepping for her nose job. Jim has come along to try to calm her fears, which is good, because she is still terrified. Thankfully he's not taking her nose off and putting it on the table for a second or anything. He can just slide through her nostril, which is far more comforting. It's just like a child sticking a stick up there. No harm no foul.

We'll have to wait until next week to see how our patients end up. Until let me know who you think was the most insane at the '80s party in the comments. I'd love to know who you thought was the most extreme.

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